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The knowing of surrender is so easy when understood properly. It's reasonably simple. 

Surrender is the source of harmony, and contention is the root of discord. When one is in contention, one is not in surrender. If you are in contention with your self (which is the case for almost everyone), you are probably in need of help or stuck forever. 

Surrender implies the attainment of harmony (happiness) through the release of contention, not through the winning of argument. The point of the master is never who's right. The point is always your surrender (happiness) and eventual ability to recognize the difference between its presence and its absence. In surrender, nothing needs to be proven. All things flow easily and naturally. 

Surrender brings peace of mind. 
Peace of mind allows the heart to open. 
An open heart unveils the Field of Beauty (Pure Land). 
and in the Field of Beauty the deep being is freed. 
The love of the deep being is its solitude with God. 
And it welcomes only the company of other deep beings.
Alone but not alone, the deep being is identified by its love. 

When the need is lost, and the field of the heart discovered,
all the concepts of the imagination disappear, 
and there is only that field of truth to be enjoyed.
In the field of truth the deep being emerges, 
and it is the deep being who is the true owner of the body.

The deep self is content to abide in the field of truth. 
It is the true owner of the body, which is often captured by the mind
and its susceptibility to the illusions of ego, 
the divisive self, the sensor of relationship,
the responder to desires and reactive defenses. 

It is in the surroundings of peace that the student who is willing to give up everything will have the opportunity to discover this true being, the truth of his reality, allowing it to emerge.