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Truth is the Essence of Healing, and the truth is that there is Only One God! And He has revealed His Holiest Name - Al-llah!, and told us to invoke His help by it. For it is He (God, Al-llah!) who heals the hearts and the bodies. So believe in Al-llah! And invoke His help in all cases, and Praise Him, and give thanks to Him, for it is He who has created our souls in His image. And it is He who Creates, Maintains and Destroys. And there is none who can question His doings. We have no Choice but to Surrender. And Al-llah! Heals! But He demands our attention! 

As I'm sure you are aware, the Sufis have a fine tradition of perfecting the remembrance of God. And the basis of the myriad techniques developed by them was taught to us in the course of His most recent revelation of what to believe and how to believe it, the religion of Islam (which by the way, means "The Way to Surrender"). And it is stated clearly in the Holy Qur`an, 

"Surely it is in the Remembrance of God that the Hearts find Satisfaction."

This singular phrase is the basis of all Islamic healing, realization and psychotherapeutic techniques, not to mention all of the other estimable social skills that arose as a result of those peaceful years in Islamic history.  It is also the ultimate outcome of Western spiritual psychology. 

Soul-power is the single most constructive, beautifying and life-enhancing creative force in history, and conversely, ego and fear accomplish only destruction. 

The entire Islamic civilization - the one from which the crusaders, thence the Knights Templar, thence the Masons, thence the modern western world as we know it today learned the simple sciences of architecture, agriculture and irrigation, personal and public hygiene, just taxation and social equity, to mention only a few - was built upon this principle. How then can it not be personally important and socially significant now?