Stephen Schwartz and The Two Faces of Islam

By Leo Lacayo May 30, 2003

Last Tuesday, Stephen Schwartz, the author of "The Two Faces of Islam" was feted by ChronWatch and friends at the the Ronald Reagan Building in San Francisco's Mission District.  Sixty well-educated and politically active people with diverse backgrounds came together to hear the dirty little secret about extremist Islamic operations that are attacking America and the western world.

It is no wonder the book is selling like hot cakes at Borders and, because it is a compelling study of the biggest danger to our security in modern times.  No one can claim to speak with any degree of knowledge about our actions in the Middle East without having read this book.  This is a book of facts, not speculation or propaganda.  The book is a serious study completed prior to being a topic of notice by the Safeway pseudo-journalism practiced by the print media in this country.

One of the biggest problems the liberal media have with the problem at hand, and in understanding our president, is that they are blinded by their sheer hatred of everything conservative.  So much so that they even ignore our security as a contry.  The good  news is that this leaves the field wide open for the Republicans to take more seats in the Senate and in the House.  The GOP could even recover power in states like California.  The liberals just don't get it, even though we have seen some of the older, more informed Democratic candidates head for the flag recently.

The Middle East is no different in this sense.  The liberals missed the boat in one issue after another:  Socialism, Communism, ''La Revolucion'' in Latin America, Liberation Theology, Real practical Environmentalism, the Reagan Administration, and President Bush as a national leader, are all areas where the liberals totally lost it, and they just can't seem to cope with that fact.

"It's the Country, Stupid" is the legacy of the unbalanced Clinton years.  Those years virtually squandered our surpluses to the point that nothing was saved during those years that didn't need replacing during President Bush's first administration.  Just as the White House needed fumigating, a new coat of paint, and careful inspection for germs and contaminants, the country needed to upgrade and re-build our military and our capacity for defending our national interest.

Stephen Schwartz makes the case for ignoring the Euro-led attacks on America by noting that America stands for Freedom while the Euros stand for Order.  Stephen further observes that while Freedom can generate Order, Order has never generated Freedom.