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Ideological warfare: it's all in the mind

The real battle is between the two states of mind: the state that can "never be forgiven", and the state that already is.

This is represented in the world as the war between belief (in a certain creed) and non-belief. But there are as many representations of this in the world as there are participants in the world. Simply because multiplicity is an outcome of duality and strictly dependent upon it.

What I mean by this is this, that one only partakes of multiplicitiy when one is not in unity and therefore in separation which is a distinctly different frame of mind from that of Unity. It is quite obvious that we can think in either mode. We can be in and partake of seperation, which is the world of strife, defense and self-justification, or we can be in and partake of the world of Unity, which is the realm of peace, harmony and love.