/ Psychology
The purpose of the pathway of Islam is to overcome disbelief (Arabic: kufr; Psychology: Denial). Refusal to accept the experience of another as your own. We will accept the suffering but not the enlightenment. This is extreme repressed guilt and is exactly the same as the Christian with their theory of original sin, that we were created for hell except for those that believe. (as we do). How pathetic.

The purpose of surrendering to the practices of religion is to overcome disbelief.
When the desert Arabs came to him professing faith and saying that they were believers, the prophet was told to tell them "Say not that you are believers (Mu`min), but that you are Muslim (surrendered)". For faith hath not yet entered their hearts." (Qur`an)

How is it that these modern muslims, who are in reality no more that pretentiously educated desert Arabs, with no real experience except what their fathers taught them and what they learned in the modernist Islamic educational institutions, can pretend to be so authoritative at such a young age, while the preponderance of their argument is based upon negating what is "NOT" Islam. And the simplicity of their definition of what IS Islam defies all understanding.

They have absolutely no manners and deny the necessity for manners. They have absolutely no understanding and deny the necessity for understanding. They have no compassion and deny the necessity for compassion. They have no love in their hearts for themselves, for others, or for God, yet they profess their love for God, in the same breath with which they deny the existence of God's love for the rest of humanity. Only them God loves but they show no signs of God's love to anyone who really knows. They keep their own company claiming to be the chosen ones of God, and indeed this is necessary because their company is so unpleasant that no real lover would choose to keep it even if they would let him, which they will not.