A Call to the Spiritual Teachers of all Faiths

Today I realized (as in truly got it) the essence of the Hadith in which it is stated that there is within the body a piece of flesh that when it is well the whole body is well, and that piece is the heart. 

The heart is the knower of God, and in this writing I suggest the interchangeability of  the words  God and Good. 

Without Self-Acceptance there can be no Joy, and without Joy there can be no Healing.

Because healing is based upon a continuous physical improvement, and without the willingness of the heart to let the body feel, this cannot happen.

So again, Surrender is the key to it all. With Surrender comes Acceptance of the whole of you - the good, bad, and the ugly, And such Acceptance eliminates the blockages to Good Feeling. And Good Feeling is the beginning of the Power of Healing. 

We have to know that Everything is All Right, and that it's All Right, and that it's All Right, before we can begin to feel good about things and allow ourselves to feel good. And an addiction to feeling good is what heals. This is why keeping company with one who knows that everything is All Right and gonna be alright is so precious. After a while in such company, your attitude and feelings will change.

It's all Right. It's Gonna BE All Right, and nothing can stop it from being All Right. Think about that. That's Faith, "and your faith shall set you free."