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On knowing the world to be but a reflection of how we see ourselves in it.

On the Sufi view of Perfection as the Quality of God
and the world as a reflection of self.

According to the Sufis, the world is but a reflection of how we see ourselves in it. It is, therefore, a reflection of how we see ourselves. Changing our views of ourselves can cause a radical shift in how we see ourselves in the world, which we often perceive as "how the world 'sees' us, or 'treats' us". 

Changing our views of ourselves. When we 'know' God, even for a moment, we experience a radically different view of ourselves from that which we consider to be normal, or our 'reality'. And really, how we see ourselves, our opinion of ourselves, is a direct reflection of our opinion of God. So all the self-esteem classes in the world, if not based upon the knowing of a higher truth of God, are merely polishing the rotten apple, an attempt to perfect an illusion, the pretense that we have all adopted as our coping strategy to deal with the 'issues' that we have experienced to be important.

Take a look around. Support of the illusion that all is well is the currency of the realm. The more supportive of the illusion you are the more you are considered successful and loved by others. Although we, for the most part, do not know who the 'others' are, and also, for the most part, do not really like you. 

We have so engaged in the perfection of our pretense that it has usurped the position of our true identity and become a mockery, a mere imitation, of our true power. We have so wrapped ourselves in pretense that it takes a whole course of near-psychoanalytical treatment even to get us to admit to our pretenses, and, if we get that far, we're faced with a lifetime of spiritual practices to rediscover who we truly are. And most of us do not even care any more, having literally sacrificed our souls for a life in this illusory world which we insist upon making real - willingly burying, disguising and selling our truth and true being-ness for a paltry crust of bread. 

So let's stop polishing the rotten apple. We are who we are. In God's sight, we are only who we really are. All else is pretense and foolishness. Surrender to God means surrendering to our true selves, not to whom we are pretending to be. It also means learning how to learn, and how to see the world as a reflection of ourselves. 

So how do we go about changing our views of ourselves in the world? By changing and improving our opinion of God. And how can we go about that? By keeping company with people who have a higher opinion. Now Sufis have a very high opinion of God. They are renown throughout history and literature for their extremely high opinion of God, and the Sufi way of spiritual healing is becoming extremely popular in America. 


Teaching is preaching what you practice. 

The way can be found without leaving a trail. We do not have to do anything. On the Joy of doing nothing and tension as the predisposition to action and that which impedes relaxation which is a fundamental of  true spiritual realization. Relaxation as a means of knowing truth.

On the winning art of losing.

Yes, we can step out of life, but can we step into it? 

Can we contribute without being perfect? 

Do we consider ourselves a valid contribution to life? (not contributor).

Doing it solely for ourselves, without altruism or ulterior motives such as proving ourselves or our importance, or "serving the world", is not selfishness but a true honoring of the Reality of God, and interacting with the world in a proper, heavenly way. 

Viewing the world as there to serve us, the servants of God. 
To serve the surrendered slaves of Love.

Just as surely as Allah will not leave me without, such is His love for the world and every person in it. (Rabbil `Alameen means Loving creator and sustainer of all there is of the hidden and manifest. Fa`alan limaa yurid, doer of His will). 

Interaction with the world should be simply to provide for your self (without all the emphasis on self-importance, with and by a knowing of God at all times, wherever and whenever you may be. 

To provide for yourself is to know how to ask for and get what you want. 

Simple wants - with the innocence of a child and with full expectation of receiving it, with no doubts. 

If the ad itself is a gift, then those who cannot afford the class will not feel resentful, but blessed and thankful, and those who can will come to contribute, not to take. So if the ad speaks your truth, it will reach those to whom it is destined, and it will reach you what is asked.