/ Psychology

How very great the difference between
the thinking after Surrender
and the thinking before.


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

I dedicate this work to my children and grandchildren,
in spirit and by blood, and to anyone else
who may one day want to know and follow my way.

Notice that I do not entitle this book "Islamic Psychology", for reasons and distinctions that will become clear. The word "Islamic" does not really exist. It denotes or implies "coming from Islam" as though "Islam" were a time, place or thing. It is not. It is a State - of being at Peace with God, and you are either in it, or you are not. The word "Islam" is simply the command, in Arabic, to Surrender. I intend to clarify and emphasize in a big way the distinction between the two major psychological orientations prevalent in the Muslim world. I will refer to these as the mindset of "salvation through submission, and obedience to learned doctrine", and the mindset of "the immediate transformation and realization" explained in the Sufi works on Spiritual psychology, or the psychology of Surrender. Obviously I am an avid advocate of the latter, with no decrease in respect for the former.

I equate at all times the word "Islam" with the word "Surrender". My work is entitled and purports to describe

"The Psychology of Surrender, and the Sufi Approach
to Learning and Teaching the Healing of God through
an Understanding of True Surrender to Divine Will
as a state of being truly at Peace (not war) with God".

In a word, "Islam".

A brief history of "Islam" (the way of Surrender) and the Origins of the Sufi way to teach it.
Surrender is the state in which True Revelation takes place. The Surrender of the prophet Muhammad, upon whom be Allah's Peace and Blessings, was the state in which the Revelation of the Qur`an and the future (practices, or religion) of the believers took place.

When this Revelation was shared with others and believed, the Religion, or the "Way of Life in Surrender", was born. This way is truly from and to the 'State' of Surrender. But many to whom it was presented did not accept the state, rather submitting themselves to the "way of life" for its benefits, and ostensibly in hopes of realizing true Surrender, and for a variety of other reasons, as we shall see. Even without the Realities of Faith having entered their hearts, they submitted to the way of life, and carried and taught the teachings, or what by then had become the "religion" of "Islam". But without the Essence (of true Surrender), this form of religious observance or "submission" became the surrogate reality. Ultimately it became the outward signs by which the people of the religion were recognized, and the inward reality (of the True Surrender) was forgotten by all but a few.  The quality of one's "surrender", or "religion" was compared, and judged by one's "submission", or how well they had learned the "religion". It became a sportingly serious competition of minds, and the true way of the heart was forgotten.

This is a perfect setup for the superego to take the role of God, which it is surely willing to do. So when the way of the heart (or the voice of the soul) would try, as it will do (and at always the most embarrassing moments), to express itself either personally through inner prompting, or publicly through the true advocates, it was, as always, both suppressed and condemned.

But Muslims are not unintelligent people. The great majority understands and lives to some degree in Surrender. After all, the revelation was sent to encourage that, to show the way and deliver the benefits of Surrender. And many of these Surrendered people (Muslims) studied deeply the Science of Self as it was shown to the Prophet Muhammad, and by him to his family and those close to him in intimate discourse, and then transmitted through the years to his noble and blessed descendants and their beloveds. Those "Secrets of Surrender" or "Esoterics of Islam" were eagerly learned throughout the generations by avid truth seeking students who wanted the experiential certainty in their lives that they were truly on the right path.

These students sought clarity and truth about the hidden journey of the soul through the life of this world. They were not arrogant enough to think that they could get to the deeper meanings of certain relevant verses of Qur`an on their own, without help, or to think that these verses were of relative importance. They knew that the deeper interpretations could be provided authoratatively by the "Ahli Bait", the Family of the Prophet, who were and still are renowned for the superiority of their knowledge, of both the essence and the details of the revealed way of life in Surrender.

These studies came from and lead to the Truth and Reality of Surrender, so much of which will be discussed in these pages. These studies, due to their necessary contrast to what had by then become "mainstream" thinking, eventually came to be known as the Science of Tasawwuf, the science of knowing the deeper meanings of the Self, its transformation, and the methods for the discovery and purification of the Soul. The importance of this dreadfully under-appreciated Holy Science is now being investigated and discovered in the search for scientific healing by Western Psychology. It is emerging as a science of "Spiritual", or "Soul" Psychology. This science is what is all-too-lightly referred to in the West as Sufism.

There are other reasons even more compelling for astute Muslims and students of peace to seek teaching from the family of the Prophet through connection with the Sufis. Many of these reasons have to do with certifying sincerity of intention. Much of this is discussed in my earlier work entitled "Esoterics of Sufi Healing".

So here it is. "The Psychology of Surrender: The Sufi Approach to World Peace".