/ Psychology

As long as shame and guilt are held in high esteem by people of any religion but especially by Muslims, it will be difficult to cleanse ourselves of them. An investigation of the history of Islam will reveal the points in time where these element were introduced, and it can further be determined that their sources were not the teaching of the Prophets or their families. 

The work of identifying these pernicious and destructive influences has fallen to the Sufi and the spiritual seekers of all religions, and, of late, to the psychologist and healers of the West, the people of the Quest for the Authentic Self. This is why the rise of spiritual realization in the West is referred to as the Sunrise in the West. Because the truth of the Authentic Self has been completely buried by many generations of behavior modification and social control of children in the East, in the well-meaning attempt to "create" "good" Muslims.

The only people in recognition of this dilemma and its solution are the Sufis, and their number seems to be decreasing in the overwhelming tide of Islamic fundamentalism. We must stem this tide. There is no way, except through the death of millions, that the tyranny and totalitarianism of Islamic Fundamentalism will prevail.