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Extended Mission, Purpose and Title

I have to be, write, explain, prove and provide the Definitive Connection to the Central Point of Everything - the Throne of God - to be found in the heart of each believer, and the proof, reasons and means for its connection to the central personality of any age, who is the descendant, inheritor and manifestation of the Final Prophet of Allah, whose Essence is the First of Allah's Creations and the Primal Manifestation of the Essence of the Divine Knowing, and through whose Essence reaches us Allah's Revelation of Himself, His Name, His Eternal Book, His Prophets, His True Religion - the Religion of Truth and Surrender to Divine Love - the Reason for its Transcendent Existence, the Nature and Purpose of His Creation, including the four degrees of His Manifestation through which reality as we know it comes into existence as we know it, and why it is as we know it and what is changeable in it and what is not, and why delusion exists, that there could be such a journey and an experiencing and knowing of God whether we accept it as such or not, as a journey of evolution from darkness into light. 

All this in order to prove beyond your shadow's doubt, the necessity and centrality of the transcendent role of ALLAH in the evolution of your human awareness in Divine Consciousness. 

I call it The Consciousness Handbook of Essential Knowledge of Islam to Enhance and Complete your Holy Awareness. 

It is my Duty to You. From Allah - To Allah!

"Wa maa `alayna illa balagh" 
"And it is upon me only to deliver."