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Response and Unity for the Muslim People's interest
in Western Spirituality Movements


I would like to offer some possible assistance to the Muslim brothers and sisters seemingly frustrated with their faith, looking for 'New Thought" in Islam and finding the compassion and mercy they're looking for in one or another of the Western Spiritual Unity Movements.

The question and definition of Unity in Islam is big and has become, in its bigness, quite convoluted. The entire theme has been literally hijacked in definition by the Saudi Wahhabist regime who are now publishing their 'approved' Qur`an translations by the thousand/millions(?) to replace the older more humanitarian doctrines with their own sectarian and violence sanctioning beliefs. They are hated, opposed and even, in some places, violently fought by the Muslim world at large but nevertheless, are having a tremendous influence on the younger generation due to the incredible wealth which they use to propagate the idea of world conquest according to their version of Islam. Not to mention the psychological influence they are having on even the people who genuinely know better. This 'versionism' is deliberately and manifestly incorporated into their 'translations' of Qur'an under the guise of "setting things right" and "correcting the errors of the past". Their impoverished and isolationist belief is extremely sectarian and divisive, the exact antithesis of the 'Unity" they profess to teach. The arguments against them are myriad, and can be easily found in the teaching of all contemporary and ancient Sufi Teachers. Nevertheless they steadfastly refuse to honor their opposition, and this extreme self-righteousness leads to and generates harsh punishments and is the manifest grandfather of terrorism. Terrorism is the acts of the terrorized, period.

The problem is that the people who know better have little strength and support on which to stand and base themselves since this movement over the past few generation in Islam has systematically eroded and erased most of the foundational teaching of Islam that stood in their opposition. This movement, the pointing edge of which is called 'takfir' (the pronouncement of "unbelief, punishable by death") includes as its targets not only all the other ancient and traditional pacifist sects of Islam represented by the "five schools", but philosophies and philosophers, which they have also declared forbidden by their law, any opposition to themselves (also punishable by death of imprisonment), and all other religious beliefs (which we as Muslims are supposed to honor and protect), have become targets for hatred and violence. It is the typical defensive ego stance of "Me, Only Me! I'm right and everyone else is wrong, and God says so!"- and their primary enemy is Sufism in general, which represents to them, and Islam in general, proper spiritual parenting and upbringing, and which they of course, typical of angry rebellious children, reject and deny.

All this to briefly allude to a reason why the average Muslim youth would feel confused by their own religion's lack of spiritual teaching and threatened by their interest in the spiritual teaching in general and in particular, coming from what is apparently a "non-Muslim" source.

But unto that I say this:

Islam means Surrender. It is the primary command of God. When we obey it we are Surrendered (Muslim) and in Heaven, and when not, not.

Belief in an ideology that makes one superior to others is childish ego-defensive sectarianism and not a part of the reality of true surrender, no matter how much they may protest against this. One who has tasted, knows. And, since profession or declaration of faith is the only requisite for full identification in Islam, I'm sure that none of the spiritually inclined populace of this or any other country will have any objection to sharing the declaration of spiritual belief held by the massive Muslim world in general, and thereby declaring (again) the unity of humanity and the invitation.  This declaration of faith, believed and understood without any objection by any Muslim sect or group, is simply and affirmatively that there is Only One God, actually nothing but God (la ilaha illa'llah - Only Oneness really Exists) and that this was the pure faith and profession of Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, all of whom were and are the prophets and the great teachers of and from this Undeniable Reality (along with others), and of the proper behavior patterns for the people of this reality. As Muhammad himself said this, it is summarized in Arabic by the second half of the Islamic message "Muhammadu-Rasulullah", Muhammad is (also) a true Messenger of this One Reality.

A true Islam implies a constructive spiritual stability that is non-antagonistic and consoling to all peoples of all faiths. In this respect it is perfect for the innate nature of the American people, most of whom are naturally behaving according to the human principles of love and constructive cooperation so inescapable in our lives.

There's more, but there you have it. Understood properly, this brief description of the problem, its origin and it's solution, often referred to in Islamic tradition as "The Sunrise in the West", should go a long way toward resolving, once and for all, any disputes that the wonderful people of Islam, my/our brothers and sisters, might have with their undeniable attraction to their own spirituality, which is indeed the felt call of God to Himself.