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Understanding Islam from the standpoint of Western "Soul" Psychology. 
The Rise of Truth in the West and in the English Language.
"A Sign of the Approach of the Last Day shall be
that the Sun will Rise in the West."
(Prophetic Tradition)

"Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the Sunrise in the West." (Me) 

And a truly beautiful sight it is. When I look into the light of that Sun, I see the Face of God, Smiling. 

Literally from within the "belly of the beast", the Wisdom Teachings have taken Deep Root, and are now available to all who should seek them, in the language of the people. Free of the bias that the arrogant (of any religion -having religion does not free you from arrogance, it is actually the means by which arrogance is discovered and transformed. ) might choose to put on it.

Surrender is a choice. Being born into a particular religion will not guarantee that the essence of the religion is yours. No, quite the contrary. As many Muslims have accurately stated, the westerners who discover and accept Islam on their own, after having seen and tasted the results of unbridled liberty, are way ahead of the Muslim who was born into the faith. For it is well known that the True Faith is only yours if you choose it of your own free will, not necessarily if it has been chosen for you. If you have been raised in "submission", you may not have and probably have not, yet tasted the sweetness of Surrender. 

And the Light of the Divine shines once again, proving His Wisdom, and that He is indeed, "The Doer of Whatsoever He Pleases" "Fa`alan li maa Yureed". And this, in spite of the indignant protests of those who do not believe it, and would claim that it can come from only one source, namely the one that they have. (Qur`an and sunnah) But Allah IS the Source, He is the Manifestor of His Will and 

He manifests His truth in ALL of creation, and in EVERY heart