From Sonia Miller

If you're serious about expanding your prosperity consciousness then Eric Butterworth's book, Spiritual Economics: The Principles and Process of True Prosperity is a must-read.

"In the teaching of Truth, there is a lot of emphasis given to "making demonstrations" (i.e. manifesting results)…   It is a term used in scientific prayer, the concept that if you get certain things worked out within your consciousness, you are going to "outform" or manifest them in your experience.  Answered prayer, then, is a "demonstration."  In the science of prayer, nothing is incurable or beyond help; all things are possible.  It is a tremendously important realization.

"In the minds of many students, it is a matter of making divine law work.  You can't make law work.  Law is an inexorable process…  It is not something you do to God or even something that God does especially for you.  It is simply a change of your consciousness in which you become synchronized with the ceaseless activity of divine love, of healing life, or of prospering substance."

In my view this teaching is aligned with the idea that we don't actually CREATE anything.  "IT" already exists.  It always has and always will.  Our job, is to expand our awareness to a) see it and b) allow it into our experience.  For this reason my favorite style of affirmation is SO powerful:  The Willingness Mantra (check out my book, The Attraction Distraction for an in-depth exploration of this).  By simply becoming willing to recognize and see what you have not seen before, you begin to lift the veil of illusion!

Choose Your Reality.