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How to Know your Destiny
(The Secret is Envisionment)

This is how to see the future truly, not in the imagination or fancy that is made up or stimulated by false desire. It's not based on what you WANT to do, but actually based on what WILL happen. And it's always better than anything you could imagine. By actually seeing it, you begin to prepare for it, which is a part of the process of its arrival.

Because your destiny is known by God and manifest in your Soul, and because access to your Soul (TrueSelf) is hidden deeply in your heart, you'll have to find your heart first. Don't be offended. Most of us think we know our own hearts but are still not on our success path, so double-check yourself.

Here's a powerful study course that will help! When we know our true hearts, our purpose and destiny becomes clear. Then it's simply a process of manifestation through Envisionment - Implementing the ancient Wisdom Process of tri-fold contemplation - Focus, Intentional Contemplation, Completion.

Manifestation Through Envisionment
Given that you know your heart, sit quietly and watchfully. What you look for will appear, since what we focus on becomes apparent or magnified. So we can (and do) by means of this process, see into the future and manifest our desires. That's why it's so important to do this work, because we get what we desire, and that's not always a good thing. But by the principle of radical reversal, we can analyze/evaluate our desire by what we get. So if we're getting nothing, or less than our highest good, it's because we desire that, and that's a good thing, because it means we can change what we get by investigating and changing what we desire.

We can actually command our subconscious by telling it true things, like "you know it's true that...", etc. (We've actually forgotten what our purpose and destiny is, and our lives are a process of remembering. That's why they "flash before our eyes", supposedly, before we die. )

Applying the Wisdom Process to Finding the True Vision
So if we study ourselves and learn the difference between the levels of hearing, seeing and knowing, we will be able to evaluate the depth of our own process, and thereby determine the work yet to be done.

Vision plus Effort equals Prayer