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Let me introduce myself that you may be informed of the background of my work. I've been a devotee of Sufism, Islam and all forms of Holistic Health Education since the early 60's when I got out of the service. As you may, or not, be able to discern from my website, I've been on the pathway to knowledge of natural healing all of my life. This did not come about from some horribly disabling disease in my youth, as it has for many, (and I don't count it out, either, thank you God), but from a natural calling of deep interest and interminable curiosity. I was teaching almost as soon as I was learning, for I felt my path to be of vital interest to everyone. Ain't that just like a kid :-). I've had that feeling stomped on a few times, not being able to handle very well humiliation for my bravado, but it still persists, and I teach with authority, even when some of what I teach is admittedly hunch, intuition, or educated guess. I give my self that permission because I believe so much in the value of what I'm learning and offering, and also because of a feeling of correctness and alrightness that people pick up on when sitting with me - which I then perceive and reflect so it magnifies and leaves us all feeling much better, and understanding more, for the experience.

I'm then always pleasantly surprised (?), no, consistently overjoyed, when I discover that my methods are not only innovative to say the least but actually right on. And this happens through meeting or reading others of a more "educated", (safe, authoritative) background who have reached or are reaching the same conclusions. Please read, for example, the lovely article of my beautiful friend Dr. Jodi "Shams" Prinzvalli, Ph.D. CAC. who sums up and introduces so beautifully the healing process that we initiate.

And there are many more. Every branch of medicine, healing and health philosophy has led me to my conclusions, and this work, in my daily life and practice, is proving successful. What's more, I am not alone in the practice of this kind of healing as many of the contemporary healers and soul psychologists have either reached or are reaching the same conclusions. And the more of us that practice and agree who make their voices heard, the sooner the whole world will "get it".