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A Voice in the Wilderness
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To the Editors:  MuslimWakeUp

And again, the same result. I wrote to you once before about this defensive and paranoid quest for causation ending without understanding or even the option of compassion at the doorsteps of a power hungry, angry and defensive nation.

So here you have it again, but God-damn it. Can't you see that it is this very attitude that both fosters and condemns the rage and frustration that is now 'terrorizing' the world?

Talk about getting off the high horse?

"The tumult of the world, unleashed by the Neo-Cons' immoral quest for power masked by the so-called "war on terror" has taken us to this sorry state where cultures and civilizations stand on the edge of a precipice. But now is also the moment for the multifarious voice of moderate Muslims to ring out true and loud."

What do you mean "has taken us to this sorry state"? We were in this sorry state long before the neo cons decided to get defensive and take over the world.

What do you mean "immoral"? Where is your ability to educate even your own, let alone 'others'? Criticism is not education, have you noticed?

I say again,

Until the Muslim world can come together and resolve their own differences and govern correctly their own people and ideology they will always be challenged by aggressive outsiders no matter where they come from.

It's not the challenge that is responsible for chaos, it's the response. We respond with blame and therefore helplessness, period. And it's because we do not know how else to handle it or what else to do.

Well here's a voice in the wilderness for you.

People want Truth. Only Truth satisfies. As long as we refuse to dig up our own truth and continue to bury it under (superior) doctrines covering our shame and guilt; as long as we use our so-called possession of Truth and Reality to shore up our feelings of moral superiority which hide our total helplessness and inability to respond correctly to the challenge, we do indeed have nothing but sincerity and further illusion to offer. We hold ourselves up as nations of priests exacting a toll of surrender and tribute from the rest of the world for the truth which we no longer have. We want 'them' to surrender to a reality that we do not have. World conditions are pure symptomology and until we respond to it correctly, and we can, it will only get worse and we will continue to be faced with aggressive and even overwhelming challenges.  

Until we recognize that "WE" are the problem we can do nothing but blame and feel morally superior, a totally ineffective response.

Here again is my original article.

From Ali Ansari

So Anwar Ibrahim ( says - "Manipulations of this sort (America's support for the Taliban) have led to the mess we see in Afghanistan today." - which leads immediately to the deeper question of the "Muslims'" manipulability.

We are being manipulated by Doctrinal Superiority and losing our lives because of it!

Only when the historical differences in "Islam" are ironed out once and for all will there actually manifest on earth the peace that is the true attribute of God and which permeates throughout His creation and which is immediately available to - and loved by - all who seek it.

How is it that the Muslims are no longer bringing Peace and education to the world but are instead caught up in the same turf wars of world conquest that they claim to be defending against? The answer must simply be because they do not know and are not experiencing the truth and reality of their own religion! Truth? Does that mean Haqiqat? Isn't that what the Sufis claim to be able to bring to the table? And how can "knowing the truth" be easy when God Himself states in the Qur`an about it "wa maa adraka ma al haa-qah?" "And how is it that I will convey to you (what will show or demonstrate to you) what your truth is?"

Sounds like knowing truth is not easy and must surely entail a "greater struggle" with will and dedication over personal resistance (through the three levels of certitude - `ilmul yaqin, `ainul yaqin and haqqul yaqin) to attain to the Garden of a personal knowing of God. It seems much easier to simply deny this and falsely interpret the point of the revelation to mean domination over others, but the facts of history prove differently.

The question of Self and God Realization has always been a big issue in "Islam", which doctrinally preaches against it (and leaves us with the question of why and in what environment was Al-Hallaj RA so brutally executed for even expressing it?) even though it is purported by many to be the aim of the practices. But if these practices were diverted/subverted into being the tools for the subjugation and militarization of the masses under the dominant rulers of the times - so much so that the people under such influence were totally convinced that waging war on and killing the family descendants of their very own prophet was a holy duty incumbent upon them, it leaves us then with the question, "What in fact was the original Intent?"

The goal of a "subjugated" Muslim is to be a subject and to share the joys of subjugation by inviting others to join the ranks. So we are subjects of the Qur`an and Sunnah, and that necessarily means of someone's interpretation. No wonder the gates of ijtihad (independent judgment) have been closed. If we were to judge for ourselves we would never judge in favor of war. So it is much simpler to let someone else have passed the judgments of our duty upon us, and that means employing hatred of the 'other' as a tools for anger and conquest, even though our very first duty is to Love. Love the Lord thy God with thy body mind heart and soul.

We are always and dutifully relying upon someone else's interpretation because we have lost, lost touch with and lost sight of the genuine philosophers stone, the actual touchstone, the means by which we genuinely understand, i.e. our true selves.

Contrarily, the goal of a "liberated" Person is to share Liberation.

So there is now no argument that the "doctrines" of Islam have been "manipulated" in favor of subjugation. And if the "religion" leads to war and no longer leads to the Real Truth of God, how then are we to get to the Real Truth of God except by rejecting religion and accepting God Only, i.e. through direct experience?  And does that not lead us to self-realization? And is that not the true goal, desire and ultimate destiny of us all? Is it not true that when we remember God, God remembers us? And is it not through this process of remembering that we are transformed and come to know and become our true selves? Is there anyone who denies that?

Yet the question still remains - what are we going to do about resolving the manipulations of the past that are distorting the present so badly? And how can we have world peace without it? Surely if we continue to leave this issue unaddressed, then we can count on more of the same or even worse results.

The question is - will we continue waging an unholy war against innocent people or will we resolve the differences, once and for all, between the three S's - Sufis, Sunnis and Shi`a? This has been attempted many times before but never with the weight of the world community behind it. If this root problem is brought into the open and addressed by the world community including ALL of the "Influential Muslims, including the so-called "Clerics" of both Saudi Arabia and Iran, then the Truth of the matter will surely arise and there will be a true, peaceful and lasting unity among ourselves and with the people of all religions whose purpose is also heaven on earth, and Peace, once and for all. Why should the world not be interested in resolving once and for all this doctrinal dispute that is grandfathering world terror and fueling wars of fear and domination?

Doctrinal differences are taking us only to Hell. There is only One Reality, and that is the Reality that we are all supposedly striving for - the Reality of the Garden of Eternal Peace which exist right here and now, never didn't and never won't. We do not get to heaven by revenge or killing anyone and we do not get to heaven by adamant assertion of superiority. We get to heaven immediately through Surrender, pure and simple. And "Islam" is the Command to Surrender. Period.

So are we going to teach Peace and true Surrender, which, believe me, is truly the Jihadul Akbar? Or are we going to continue teaching conflict and war in the name of doctrinal superiority? There are in reality only two states, the state of peace and surrender or the state of conflict and anxiety. It is your answer to this question that is going to decide your destiny. The Jihadul Akbar is named that for the very good reason that it is truly the most difficult of battles. True Surrender is not easy. History bears witness to the fact that the majority of people to date have chosen to fight and die in wars of territory rather that to fight and die in the battle for innocence over fear. Yet it is exactly this battle that is the true battle for God. And that is the other reason why it is named so, because it is truly the greater battle - greater, more significant and more difficult - the harder choice. That's why so few choose it and so many choose the other. But the time has come for the fires of the hot war to be extinguished and the battles of the "cool" war to be fought. In the inner war, staying cool in the middle of the fire is the command that Ibrahim understood from God when cast into it by Nimrod. It's not easy. That's why it's Akbar (Greater).

The question is - what is the purpose of our religion? Is it not a vehicle to take us to Heaven? So what, then, if they were diverted for worldly gains, was the original intent of the practices? Were they not meant to be taught as a way, a means to realize God? And is not God-realization in itself the manifest success, the self-acceptance, the forgiveness, the salvation referred to as "Falah" that we are called to in the call to prayer? And is it not our Inevitable Destiny? And is not Surrender itself, being the key to the Garden of Allah to be found in the heart of every true believer, sufficient in itself as a Gift (for the attainment of our Inevitable Destiny)? Is that not the meaning of the Qur`anic verse "Al hamdulillahi `ala ni`matul Islami wa kafaa bih ni`mah." Praise be to God for the Gift of Surrender, And it is surely sufficient as a Gift."?

We might safely say that the purpose of Salaah (prayer) is Falah (success). Isn't that what we pray for? Or that the practices revealed by God are the means to get to and preserve the Garden of our innocence and truth in God. I don't think any Muslim will argue this. And if that's not our inescapable God-realization, I don't know what is.

It is thankfully not the only way to attain salvation. Prophet SAS said that the revelation of Islam would come to the hearts of two kinds of people - those to whom it was a revelation and those to whom it was a confirmation. This implies that there are and were people from before who knew the truth. (It is reported that Imam `Ali RA confirmed that the Buddhists were people of unity and ordered a halt to the aggressive hostilities, too late.) This affirms that the people of truth, the 'Sabiqun", near ones in all religions, are the people of the garden. Are we to believe that only people professing the "Islamic" faith will get to heaven? Isn't that exactly what some sects of Christianity like to believe?

And is it not a fact that as you live your life in this world so shall it be in the next? And that living the life of the garden in this world is the way to bring heaven on Earth? And are we not the people of "Die Before you Die"? And does that not bring peace to the heart? And is that not the point - to bring peace, not war?

And don't we all believe that the advent of Al-Mahdi along with `Isa (Jesus) will do exactly that - straighten out our differences once and for all? Will not the innocent be vindicated and the guilty corrected according to the weight of their deeds? And does that not happen already, in daily life? Are we being observant - or are we in avoidance?

And what is judgment day if not the day upon which true judgment will be exercised? And how long and for whom will we wait for the exercise of true judgment to occur? Will we not be judged for not finding and using our true judgment, by which I mean - judging against our judgment of others and surrendering as commanded directly to God and seeking ways to further peace by teaching truth? And is this not the equivalent of seeking our own truth and inner guidance? And is this not the personal analogy of the search for true guidance in the outward? And do we not know that Al-Mahdi will not appear before we are ready to receive him? And if we are ready to receive him what for do we need him if not to wage the righteous war on those who have offended and do not believe in him and his teaching of truth and those who have judged against him and themselves by judging against others when God has clearly stated the judgment is His alone? Who are these people who set themselves up as partners to God, judging incorrectly and unrighteously on His behalf? And what is the righteous war if not on the twofold level of teaching the truth for the healing of division and separation and defending the innocence against the unpacifiably aggressive? Is this not simple child psychology?

Are we not being so judged, even at this moment? Who closed the doors on true judgment? I for one refuse to follow blind doctrine because it has supposedly been "proven' finally once and for all to be "right".

"Doctrinal Superiority" is the very crux of all argument and dispute, in the name of which millions of innocents are dying (relieved, I'm sure, of the responsibility of having to live in this insane world) - but for whose deaths the living are responsible and doing nothing to come to a unified accord with life on this planet, bringing down upon themselves nothing but more hellfire and brimstone and killing even more innocents in the process. The motto of these fanatics is "Hell bent for Heaven", "I'm Right, you're Wrong! I'm going to get there, and you blood is lawful!"

So, how are Muslims NOT responsible. How can we continue to focus blame on 'others'. Why do we feel it incumbent upon us to fight, die and kill for the 'survival' and dominance of a doctrine? Is not the Reality of God Sufficient for us, or are we simply out of touch with it? And if so, why? What is wrong with our religion that it no longer teaches us the truth about life and the way to live it but insists upon a heaven gained at the expense of self and others?

For all the people arguing about the superiority of their very personal doctrine, it becomes manifest that none if not very few actually know the truth, and those would be the self-selected few who are very close to the Imam Mahdi through being very close to their own inner reality.

And the converse is also true - that those close to, believing in and nourished by their own inner reality are, wittingly or not, very close to the Imam (hidden guide) and the real truth of the matter.


So the question is really one of healing our inner hypocrisy - are we really seeking Peace for God and the healing that it brings, or are we seeking it for a thinly veiled or deeply buried sense of need for ideological domination - a trait of the ego. Is it God and Peace for the sake of God and Peace, or are we seeking simply to verify the superiority of our own ideology and doctrinal preferences?  Get the difference? And I'm sure you are clear about your viewpoint toward the "establishment" of "Islam" as you see it or as it "is". But shouldn't the reality of God be established in you own heart first? And isn't that the best way to convince others - through the healing feeling they receive when sitting in your secure and peaceful company? Isn't indoctrination what everyone naturally seeks to avoid? Shouldn't we remove the need to indoctrinate others from our hearts by living in the reality in order to communicate on a real level? Or is Reality not Acceptable? Truth is not a doctrine! God is Reality and the only Reality! That is the meaning of Tawhid - Unity!

How do we remove the need to indoctrinate others from are hearts? By feeling and knowing the Unity of God in our hearts and bodies and training our minds to think accordingly. This is the process of  removing the idols of indoctrination from our hearts and becoming real. But Oh! What a hole that leaves! What? Be Real Now? The underlying paradigm, or common underlying assumption among all liars, deceivers and persistent dreamers is that "Truth is Not Acceptable as it is!"

But know, that God is closer to us than our Jugular veins, and that He is the Lord of majesty and honor (dhu'l Jalali wal Ikram). So how much majesty and honor can you accept? Or have you been so beaten down by your self, parent s and life in general that you can accept none at all, and can only heap derision upon the (Muslim) people who would help you, i.e. the great Sufi poets like Hafiz and Rumi, and maybe even your next door neighbor who has been hiding from you all along. Basically the question here is - how far away from you is the Reality (al Haaa-qah) of God? And are we fulfilling our primary responsibility of "Love the Lord thy God with all your body, mind, heart and soul", or are we just doing it in our minds?

If we are discontent with anything but ourselves we are still not in perfect Surrender. And we may never be. But it is well known that to be content with our discontent allows us to look at it objectively as opposed to responding to it subjectively, where its resolution becomes your only driving motivation. Successful are they who understand their needs and can approach any problem with Divine objectivity, free from attachment to the need for personal attachment. They are the ones who have completed their maturation in God-Consciousness (taqwa).

Ask yourself simply, "What am I afraid of?" The whole of the argument in Islam is between Fear and Love. Those in fear are afraid of becoming universal because that is their "true" self, and they have a huge amount of fear of themselves and vested interest in their artificial self (ego). Also the Universal being requires universal love and understanding forgiveness (which includes Divine retribution in the form of reaping what one sows, but is nevertheless left to the domain of God), and that will include their all-needed "enemy". And where does the need for an enemy come from? And can we, and how can we if we can, clear ourselves from that need?