/ Missing Element ~

Where You ARE already the Center of your Universe,
And you do not need to do any "work" to "get there".
You MAY decide upon "Heaven" or "Hell", Here and Now!
You may also postpone your decision, and that's known as the healing process,
and to that point our friend and Sufi Poet Hafiz has this, and much more, to say:

"All your images of winter I see against your sky.
I understand the wounds that have not healed in you.
They exist because God and Love have yet to become real enough
to allow you to forgive the dream."

The Essence of Health Science is gifted to us in the form of a Simple Command - to SURRENDER!

But what is the true meaning of that Command? And how do we know and experience the benefit of obedience to that command, Immediately. Here and Now!

Do we Really need to learn all the knowledge that every one else has, in order to be admitted to the "Garden"?!

Doesn't that mean that only the "knowers" are the "in" people?

Isn't that kinda like the guilt ridden "Original Sin" theory of the missionaries of old, where ignorance (of our doctrine) is the sin, and only knowledge with conformity gets you "in"?

Can we not have that confidence, that trust, the REAL knowing, Now, not later, without having to run the gauntlet of the competitors and knowledge brokers? I say Yes, of course, and the facts back it up.

And isn't it possible that the longer we wait the more difficult it might become?

So be warned, you who rely upon partial or incorrect knowledge as your claim to being in the "sect of salvation", the "right" way. You may not like what I say, but I am not ignorant of your doctrine, so learn with the eye of your heart. Because the Truth of Islam and Al-Mahdi has dawned, and adherence to falsehood will reap only its own reward!

For where you wish to live NOW has always been your choice.

But be sure you have ALL the facts. You have a lifetime to make up your mind, so don't jump to hasty conclusions, without understanding your motivations.

It is said that No one can lay claim to the Garden without having walked through the fire. And what IS the Fire? It is Mortal Existence, however short or long. So Learn How to WALK! Through the Fire of your own Existence, and what it Means! and Why it's Important! and the impact of true reasoning on your health and destiny! For As You Live Now, So Shall It Be.

Surrounding yourself in knowledge is good but it is NOT the answer. Here you will learn to understand Why we recite the Wird and other Litanies - why they were composed and what their purpose is. And most of all, Why the Choice is important to choose the Garden now and How to do that and How to stay in that decision. These are all the real topics of the Religion of Islam. Every path that leads to these conclusions is true and contradiction is false and must be investigated for motive.

People of Unity are People of Agreement and Learning. People of Dis-Unity are people of contradiction and hostility in one form or another.

These are MY writings, MY opinions and MY Beliefs. I take Soul Responsibility for them and refer to your opinions and beliefs for reference. Anything that is right on in them I take responsibility for and may my errors in assumption, accuracy and knowledge be judged and forgiven according to my intention (I pray) by God Alone. But do point them out in a way of constructive assistance, I beg of you.

Collaboration is welcome; dispute is expected and will be taken as a blessing although it is not my responsibility to convince you, only to convey this message.

And the Message IS? That True Spiritual Health is the Blessing Directly from Al-llah, with NO intermediaries, and that Al-llah (la tukhlifu-l-Mi`ad) does not go back on His promise, and  Al-llah, unlike our parents, cannot withdraw His blessings. That He draws us inexorably towards Himself, through life and death, and that Surrender (in any language) is Essential to true Spiritual Health, and the key to recovery of physical health, and the gate to the Garden of Paradise a similitude of which we have been given and can feel, should we choose to accept it, right here on Earth.

Let us not mistake our refusal of error with our refusal of truth. Let us not confuse our refusal of our parents with our refusal of God. Let us not project our refusal onto God. God is that which neither can nor should be refused. God is persistent in His subtle and hidden methods to bring you into the Love.

The Experience of Reality: The "Reality" of this Surrender can be had only by doing the "Work" of Surrender, and The Healing is the Work! Healing our Hearts for Love.

And part of it is the acceptance of all that is good, uesful and productive in ALL religions, Spiritual paths, practices and people, excluding only exclusion. And the overlooking and ignoring of sins, mistakes and errors in judgment in all people and ideologies, as long as they are correctable and do not infringe upon the peace and well being of others.

Violence as a Means of Acquisition: For Muslims, in spite of their ideologies, War should not be waged and Surrender should be the coin of the realm. There is currently no ideolgy that is more harmful to people and to faith than that of war itself. Surrender and the giving up of "arms as a way to victory" will lead to great difficulty but save the lives necessary to convince the world that peace is a realistic goal and way to the achievement of mutual satisfaction.

According to the immutable law of Karma, you SHALL reap what you sow - unless you sincerely confess to the errors of your way, and set about to mend and make aright the wrongs that you have done. And there ARE prescribed, common and well known standards for accomplishing that, which will and must be meted with compassion and the eye toward forgiveness - not with harshness and the eye toward revenge. Few are they capable of such compassion and understanding in spite of the myriad claiming to it.

And Justice without compassion and understanding is not Justice at all, it is revenge. And unto the meters shall be the meted. For" Judgment is Mine!" Sayeth the Lord! And there is none among the true followers of religion or spirituality who dispute that.

SO! That being said, and with Security in Faith, I will continue with this work of fact and inspiration, expecting your patience and forgiveness of any perceived error, in hopes of the goal of inspiring a deeper understanding of true spiritual health, and your ability to benefit and dispense, as I have, from that understanding, which I refer to as the "Reality" of Surrender.

If controversy gets you attention, then my purpose is half completed.