In this course you will Learn to Manage Your Daily Stress
through a Relaxed, Worshipful Life in Remembrance of Divine Grace.

When We Truly Remember God, God Remembers Us!
And That's the Genuine Attention We Seek  and Really All We Need!

When we pay attention to God, God pays attention to us.

The Sufi Way of Remembrance Comes from and Leads to A Peaceful, Trusting Heart,
the Discovery of which will Release your Emotional Anchors to Physical Unwellness.

Through the God Principle of Remembering and Being Remembered,
allow yourself to know that all is well in every case,
and here you may relax, let go of your concerns and be well, get well, naturally.

So Say the Name Al-llah! (the Beautiful Name for God in Arabic)
and Begin to Realize Change for the Better, not Worse,
and Be Welcome!

Reality is Better than Illusion!

Miracle Healing is simply the Prayers of Miracle Workers being Answered.