INTRODUCTION: The Esoteric of Esoterics

This work is intended to point to a direction from which prosperity and abundance derive. This direction I call "The State of Mind", for that is exactly what it is. It IS THE State of Mind. Not the state of your mind, nor A state of mind. It is not something 'obtainable' through exercise or modification of anything yours at all. It is not actually 'accessed', because that requires the presence of an 'accesser', nor can it be 'used' for your advantage.

It is happiness itself but neither for sale nor for barter or trade. It is in reality the ONLY 'thing' worth having, but 'you' cannot really 'have' it. It is not 'contentment' nor 'peace of mind', for these things are also transitory, even when they may seem permanent. For realize, from 'your' point of view, all things, even permanence, are transitory. There is only one point of view from which nothing is transitory and everything abides, and it cannot be 'yours';  for if 'you' exist, all things perceived are dependent upon your existence as the point of view from which they are perceived, and therefore can exist only as long as your point of view, and from that point of view we are but temporary beings.

The State of Mind CAN be known, however, but only by its very existence, and not through any exercise of your own.

Firstly, the knowledge of it can be passed on. You can learn about it through reading and listening. And the more you know about it the easier it is to understand. And it can be very difficult, seemingly impossible, at first. So we really need to pay attention, because there are lamentably few source of this knowledge, and even though the signs and evidence are all around us, few there are who pay genuine attention.

And why is this attention so necessary? Because what we are talking about here is the unidentifiable source of all that comes to us.

Secondly, its reality can be experienced, but this form of knowledge is also fleeting at best and easily disbelieved and dismissed at worst. Chalked up by the mind as 'experience', it is easily categorized and shelved. Again, not enough attention being paid to it.

Genuinely knowing it is the end of the exercise of learning about it, and the beginning of the indefinable.

The best word for it I've found in my studies is "Abstraction".

Its reality is experienced and how do we subconsciously control or influence it.

If we can express our deepest desire we shall surely have it. Meanwhile we are receiving what we are expressing. So its all about learning the truth about ourselves and learning how to express it it adequately.

Self-Learning: the point and practical function of life. .

re-discovering our innate sense of self-sufficiency