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Increasing your Personal Magnetism
How to make the Law of Attraction Work for You

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Note: the Law of Attraction is always working for you, but you might wonder why then is it not bringing to you what you want? Why does it seem to not be working for you even though it must be? Here I will assert that it most definitely IS always functioning, but according to our command. Here we will discover our true power in life, the conscious command, as well as the origins and power of the unconscious command and how we can correct it with The Power of the Positive Command. The irritating thought of absence is a trick to awaken our conscious participation.


Realization is the result of Contemplation, so Contemplate Divine Unity. This is the fundamental and ongoing practice and teaching of all schools of metaphysical understanding and 'mystic' achievement. Without the contemplation and realization of Divine Unity nothing works. It is the beginning and the end of the journey.

Now call it (Divine Unity) 'God', and ascribe to it the Attributes of divinity: Existence, Life, Conscious Intelligence, Power, Will, Speech, Sight, Hearing.

Now ascribe to yourself the same attributes. Is it not so?

The hard one is Existence.

Realizing your Spiritual and Physical Existence

It is often very difficult for us to grasp the true nature of our own existence.

But the contemplation and realization of our spiritual and physical existence is what brings us into a conscious awareness of our own reality. and
conscious awareness of our own reality is the means by which we increase our personal magnetism and realize our power.

And it is not always easy.

Try contemplating your self-existence, and see how long you can stay with it. B
ut even more so, contemplate the meaning of the word 'existence' and apply it to yourself. What does it mean, to exist, to 'be'?

Try, for example, to say 'I AM", and really mean it. Now try to say "I am Powerful." Check your belief level. Do you really believe it with absolute certainty, or do you sense certain levels of disbelief (as in "yeah, Right!"), or skepticism?

In order to attract, you have to exist. In order to attract consciously, you have to
exist consciously.

Most of us are 'existing' in some form of a state of willful self-denial.

Wow, self-denial, unwillingness to take part in, to be a part of .... the life we exist in.

The Power of Conscious Participation

Sufficient contemplation of Divine Unity (Reality) will bring you to the realization of your own spiritual and physical existence, which is a necessary prerequisite for the work to follow, i.e. the conscious direction of personal magnetism. For how can you contemplate something and not be a part of it? It is a proven law of physics that observation influences the observed. And with
the realization of your existence comes the realization of the Law of Attraction - your natural power of attraction. It is not an illusory, imaginary power, and with it comes the realization of your power of choice, to choose how the Law of Attraction works for you. This is the very real power within your very existence.

So, If you want to be really powerful, to consciously use or enhance your power, you must be quite certain of (through serious contemplation) your spiritual and physical existence; Your Own Reality.

Firstly, without existence, you have no power at all. Is that why we deny ourselves? Are we afraid of our power, as has been so often stated?

But primarily, in witnessing your own existence you are practicing self-awareness, and self-
awareness increases personal magnetism and demonstrates the power of our conscious participation in the Law of Attraction.

The GOOD news is, when we are participating consciously, we are no longer participating unconsciously.

That is the power of Conscious Participation.


Life seems to consist of the disempowered and the overpowering. Two side of the same coin.

Knowledge of the reality behind the illusion is what turns the tables. In other words, the truth is quite the opposite. The overpowering are in reality the disempowered (because they cannot help others and can only 'help' themselves) and the disempowered will have the power because they will seek it and are under no illusion as to having it or not. In other words, they know the difference between having it and not having it and will recognize their true power when they discover it.  Whereas those under the illusion of power will not seek it and will not recognize it until it is in the possession of those they were overpowering.

Contemplate your spiritual and physical existence (your reality in God)
and you will see your power.

Don't just think about contemplating your existence. Don't overlook the actual practice by registering the description in your brain catalog.

Contemplate your existence. You ARE the power you seek.

You cannot have conscious power without being conscious of your self and your power. You cannot say "I have power" without saying "I". You cannot attribute Reality to God without attributing it to yourself also. Sufi tradition says. "As you remember Me, so I will remember you."

And you cannot use your power properly without owning it, recognizing it as yours.
You cannot exercise your power without recognizing yourself as the 'exercizer' of your power. If you want to exercise 'your' power (and of course you do), you must first recognize it as 'yours'. So the first step is to recognize yourself as real, to contemplate your existence, until you are no longer in any doubt as to your existence and your true power.

How do we choose? We don't control the power, it simply exists. But we do control ourselves.

Either consciously or unconsciously, you have the choice as to how the Law of Attraction works for you. You are the one who chooses to accept or reject.

And now we know where the work is.

(to be continued - part 2 - Why do we accept and reject?)

"A Solid and Confirmed Inner Connection is the Key to Every Success."
Learn the Secret to to the Practice of Inner Confidence,
Discover the Key and all else will be added unto you.
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