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How to make the Law of Attraction Work for You
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Note: the Law of Attraction is always working for you, but you might wonder why then is it not bringing to you what you want? Why does it seem to not be working for you even though it must be? Here I will assert that it most definitely IS always functioning, but according to our command. Here we will discover our true power in life, the conscious command, as well as the origins and power of the unconscious command and how we can correct it with The Power of the Positive Command. The irritating thought of absence is a trick to awaken our conscious participation.


A positive mind has several distinct attributes, all of which can be developed with a little focus and practice. The two that spring to mind most readily are Belief and Will. Belief has to do with the knowledge of Unity, "there is no separation", and the knowledge of Presence, "there is no absence"

If the point of prosperity is freedom, you must be willing to be free even without money. if you make money (abundance, riches) the key to your freedom you will never be free of your need for money. If, however, you recognize freedom the point of your wealth, you will always have the wealth that you need if you are aways free.

Now being always free is really more difficult that it sounds, because it means to be free of your fears and desires, which is the definition of spiritual liberation. And that's why the work of true spiritual liberation is the key to all abundance. As Jesus has said (paraphrased), "Get this, and all else will be added unto you". "Who hath shall be added unto. Who hath not, shall lose even that."

So it is the work of liberation that brings the realization of abundance that is necessary for it to be manifest, and the mindset that it is the other way around is really an enslaving mindset rather than a liberating one. So we must be liberated from influences of that mindset and freeing ourselves from a deeply ingrained mindset is not easy; it always pops back up again.

It is for that reason that we must train our minds on the very deepest, most positive level to understand reality and how it works. This is the goal of the true metaphysicians and mystics - to never let go of reality. It is also the point and purpose of the Sufi path.

Aaah! To be free of our fears and desires. As an aspiration, it is not among the top ten.

Our fear of letting go of our fears is that the things we fear will happen to us if we are not constantly vigilant. And the fear of letting go of our desires is that we won't get them if we do not desire them really hard.

Liberation is not for cowards. Only the truly courageous attempt the journey and then their courage is put to the maximum test. Approbation, hatred and wrath are only a few of the trials to be faced. Loss, loneliness, abandonment and despair come also to mind.

But spiritual liberation brings richness, and not the other way around. We all know that, yes? And without spiritual liberation we remain the very slave to our fears and desires that brings to us the anguish of fear and of not having what we so desperately want. We attach our happiness to things precisely because we are unhappy, but we are unhappy because we attach our happiness to things. In this minset, that of believing illusion to be reality, there is absolutely no way out. That is why we hear that the fate of the unbeliever is to roast in hell forever. Without spiritual awareness, we are condemned to our own self-imposed suffering forever.

And we call that 'Life'.

What foolishness.

Freedom brings riches and slavery bring anguish and fear.

Now there's the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.

More on Conscious Awareness of Reality

Now we may know that reality will never let go of us but what do we mean by never letting go of reality?

Even when we are unconscious, reality still has a hold on us, and for the most part, even when we are conscious, we are not really conscious of reality but more like being aware of ourselves in some temporary dream or sitiuation (life) requiring our presence and attention. So we are of a single mind, focusing on the 'problem' at hand. And by 'single mind' I mean, consciously unaware of the reality in which the drama of the moment is taking place.

So what IS this 'consciousness' that hides reality and claims to seek it?

It is precisely at these moments when we must pause for a brief reality check, come up for air, as it were, and realize that illusion is not reality. At that point of realization we are then functioning with two minds. And if we shift our energy to that parallel detached viewpoint we can become objective concerning the drama of the moment and be susceptible to an inspiration which may lead us to a better solution.

The Power of Belief

Belief is an activity. You have to do it. It isn't something that just happens to you. In a way it's like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the more capable it becomes. Knowing this is the secret to to "As you believe, so shall it be".

When Prof. Wm. James of Harvard told us that we are using only a tenth part of the power that is ours—both physically and mentally—people smiled unbelievingly. When Judge Thomas Troward followed this with the startling statement that Universal Mind or God is to each of us exactly what we look for in Him—a God of happiness and plenty or one of poverty and misery—and Emerson enunciated his theory of the Oversoul, people shook their heads uncomprehendingly.

But these statements were true, and verified in Sufi lore with "God is found in your opinion of God".
If you believe God Can and Will, God Can and Will. And likewise is the opposite true.

The difference between Faith and Belief

Having faith means that you know that exercising the power of belief will work, and indeed, may well be the only thing that works. Faith is your belief in belief. Faith is Knowing; Belief is exercising.


"A Solid and Confirmed Inner Connection is the Key to Every Success."
Learn the Secret to to the Practice of Inner Confidence,
Discover the Key and all else will be added unto you.
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