/ Newer Writings
By Ali Ansari

Bringing Peace to the Reactive Mind

Healing our wounded and entrenched emotional reactions is paramount to experiencing true physical well-being. It is our beliefs about ourselves and God that govern our attitudes about our lives and the way we relate to them through relating to others. Our beliefs govern our relationships, and our relationships (the deep unspoken contracts that we have made with ourselves and others) govern the habits of our behavior. And it is in our behavior that we discover the limitations that keep us from experiencing the liberation and true love that we are all seeking.

Spiritual Healing has not so much to do with seeking what we want as with seeking what's getting in the way of our having it. And it is always related to out attitudes towards things, which as I have mentioned, are governed by our beliefs. But what if our entrenched, etched-in-stone beliefs are wrong? Is it possible? Yes, it is. The study of True Faith is an education in the ways of God leading to and coming from the Love of God, and by that I mean God's Unlimited Love for us, not our limited love for God. And even though we may believe that our 'salvation' (safety, happiness, eternal bliss) is dependent upon our 'good' behavior, this leaves open two questions - what IS 'good' behavior, and, is it true in the first place?

So let's look at these questions.

1) Is it true that our 'salvation' is dependent upon our 'good' behavior? Well, I might say that our 'perception' of our salvation is dependent upon where we look for it. For example, if we do not 'feel' saved (safe and secure in God's sight), what are the causes of that 'ill' feeling? If it is true that we are indeed safe in God's sight, in any and every case, why do we not feel that way? How do we view ourselves? What is our basic self-image? It boils down to - are we "good", or are we "bad"? Are we arrogant if we think we're good? Are we mistaken if we think we are bad? Are we looking to ourselves, as we 'know' ourselves, who we 'think' we are and especially in the sight of 'others', particularly parents? Or are we looking to God (which is all that is required to receive forgiveness and 'salvation'). If we discover God, we discover ourselves and we will have thereby worked out our own salvation, as the saying goes. Your sole requirement in life is to work out your difficulties with God. Neglect this and nothing can save the artificial self you have constructed. It is doomed to death, with all it's incumbent agonies. Accomplish this and all will be given to you. What religion doesn't say that?

2) What IS 'good' behavior, anyway? Are we being 'good' according to someone else, according to some doctrine that prohibits us from 'bad' behavior? Do we feel innately (born) bad, and struggling to be good? Where did we learn such a thing? Surely we were not born with such a belief. It is not obvious that children are straight form God? Can we not see ourselves that way? Why not?

Spiritual Healing leads to and come from the Love of God, and is not dependent upon our love for God, which varies often in degree if present at all. How can we prove this? How can we feel it? How can we make it work? It's simple, but not always easy.

Just Surrender.

Hmm. Just surrender, you say? Well, what exactly does that mean? How do I do it?

Surrender is the means to true self realization, and the self-realized being is the one who has worked through all the personal problems to come into accord with God's Love and Loving Will. It is our dif-ferences with this that cause us all the grief that eventually causes the stress that breaks down our bodies.

It's amazing how feeling 'good' can affect our health and sense of well-being. But that's a deep thing - feeling 'good'. It means not feeling 'bad'. And I say the words, good and bad, in a moral sense, not in a physical one. Physical good feeling can be drug induced as an antidote or medication for feeling physically 'bad'. How many of us know that in order to get to work that day we have to feel good enough, and since we don't (hangover, rough night, etc.) we take a few aspirin, pain killers or stimulants (nothing like a cup of coffee or five to get you up and going in the morning).

So I don't mean that when I refer to feeling good or feeling bad. What I mean is - do you FEEL GOOD, like a GOOD person? Can you get in touch with THAT? Not just create a scenario for your life in which you know you are doing good deeds or doing well and can therefore be called a good person, but do you really FEEL GOOD? Are you clear in the sight of the God you either believe in or not? Are you clear in your OWN sight, on the deepest level? Or are you spending your life's energies covering up for what feels like an innate sense of badness lurking in your soul somewhere that must be watched with caution and guarded against? Many people cherish this sense because their whole lives of 'good'ness have been built around it. But can there be any sense of badness in heaven? And can you really be in heaven (saved, so to speak), if you are still nursing a sense of undeserving?

This is where Spiritual Healing comes in, to take the last speck of 'evil' (guilt, fear, shame) out of your heart (if you are willing to give it up). And since it's the paramount duty of the religious or spiritually inclined individual to work out his or her own peace with God, it must continue to nag at you until you deal with it. It matters not whether you believe the above statement - vast majority of religious and spiritual people do. And if you do not, but can still admit that something truly deep is bugging you incessantly, then I suggest that this is it. And spiritual healing has an answer. And it's not one you've investigated, because if you had, you would not be having that deep feeling that something, somewhere, is wrong.

Rare if non-existent is the individual who can do this alone, and even if so, he or she will always find him or herself in the company of others who have discovered it also. But more commonly it is accomplished joyously and willingly in the company of others who have accomplished it in the presence and with the help of a teacher, one who can represent the Reality of salvation and the pathway to it.

So, the process of bringing peace to the reactive mind, which is always upsetting us to the point that we accept it as life itself, is one of investigating the true motives for reaction, which always gets in the way of and deters us from the perfect surrender that brings the perfect happiness and sense of well-being that we all want and that is so necessary for allowing the body to heal itself of the consequences of the stress we've put on it in trying to accomplish OUR goals of some semblance of superficial happiness.

The best way to see through your own self-impose and fear inspired limitations is to sit in the company of people who do not have them. It is the element of spiritual community, communing with those communing with God. Spiritual Healers offer that support. In order for your true spiritual nature, which is perfectly happy healthy and loving to 'come out', to 'evolve', you must keep the company of one on the same path, oriented consciously toward the same goal.

It's axiomatic. You will become like the company you keep. Keep the company of healthy well-oriented people and you will become healthy and well-oriented.

My spiritual healing practice is based upon a consistent communion with my friends and clients consisting of minimally one hour and a half private session weekly for 10 weeks. I have found that within that time the friend or client will be able to come to grips with his or her true self and from that vantage point see through the illusions that impede maximum happiness. This short but powerful orientation process is often all that is necessary to release the beliefs, blocks and fears that are anchoring chronic and acute illnesses. Coupled with some rock-solid Holistic Health Education in Breathwork, Diet and Life-style,  people can get well amazingly fast, cutting down on fear, emotional stress and extensive medical costs.

The advanced thinkers in modern western medicine have come to the same conclusions - that American health Care is at a dangerous crossroads. If it continues on the path of corporate profit off the backs of the ailing populace, the demise of western culture as we know it is eminent. Actually, I'm sure we'll save ourselves because it's all too obvious that there will be no future without coming to peace with God. And the historically sound spiritual truths and healing methods will continue to prevail, as they have for thousands of years.