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Ali Ansari
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The Teaching of all Spiritual Traditions tells us that
The Root Cause of Suffering is the Absence of Truthful Knowledge.

This emptiness is then filled with the endless distractions
provided by our life in this temporary world of mortality and sensation.
But no matter what we do, we cannot escape the all-pervading feeling
that something is missing.

We believe if we could just discover that certain something
(often projected as that certain 'somebody'),
We could possibly be actually happy
instead of motivated by a feeling of
endless discontent.

If we only believed that Joy, Happiness and a Wonderful life
can be had by a simple discovery,
a simple re-focusing of Attention
that could catalyze a simple change in thinking,
we wouldn't waste another minute
with the distractions we choose to give importance.

We are deliberately ignoring A Perfect Life and therefore not living it.

We replace it with images - the thoughts, fears and desires of our minds,
and so deprive ourselves of the benefits received from paying attention to it.

Redirecting our attention to what truly benefits us
is the nature of Spiritual Healing.

This form of Healing improves your perception of reality
by improving your understanding of how reality works.

This is the Knowledge we need.

This is the Knowledge of God.