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Building Relationships

Community building is based upon relationship building. Relationship building is based upon common interests. What's interesting to most men is the kind of common or community orientation that assists in the establishment and maintenance of solid financial security for all participants, since financial security is the basis of personal and family security and a man cannot guide, grow and govern a family in a secure way without it. And his family is his source of love.

This form of financial security is dependent upon community effort, that's why so many people feel in a family way towards their jobs, workplaces and fellow employees, because "we're all working as a team here to increase our individuals in what they need and desire from life". A successful business is about what the community can do for the individuals, as well as what the individuals can do for the community. It's reciprocal and will be oriented toward and achieve success if recognized as such. Such is the very definition of a successful community.

Relationships have to be built on the feeling of mutual prosperity. In my role as a community builder, I ask, if you are not prosperous enough to be able to afford me, what can I do to bring you to that degree of prosperity? It's a rhetorical question because I know the answer to it. But first, what's my interest? I want you to prosper for two reasons. One is altruistic and the other is personal. Altruistically, of course I want you to prosper, because I want for my fellows beings what I want for myself. Personally, I want it for you because I want you to be able to afford me. Bringing you to the prosperity to afford me is my job and I do not get paid if it does not happen.

Secondly, what can I do to assist in the accomplishment of that goal? Well, there are two ways to help the hungry - provide fish for them or teach them how to fish. The first is not my approach, since Allah is the Provider of fish. The second however, is what one learns when one studies corporate or personal healing to any depth, and it is that we do not have to provide the keys to prosperity in the form of "here's how to do it or here's how I did it".  These are "success strategies" or techniques guiding "to" prosperity and specific to each person's will and disposition. We recognize that prosperity is not the goal as such since each person brings his own and we are surrounded by the infinite abundance in God. As long as we fixate on prosperity we are affirming the opposite, i.e. that we do not have it - which is not the truth. Our goal is not so much the affirmation of truth, for in a sense what we affirm (as "out there") we also deny ( as "in here"). But our goal is the elimination of whatever is blocking us from it, limiting us in our ability to access it.

Pracically, affirming the positive is not always positive, but removing the negative always is. (Prophet SAS said that the humblest charity is removing a stone from a pathway.) Positivity exists (and in reality is all there is), negativity does not, except in our minds. Purifying our minds to know, love and live richly, prosperously and benevolently in God is the point of Tasawwuf (Sufism) and of Islam, and the third part of personal and community development in Islam, to wit, establishing Health, providing Education, and achieving personal and social Welfare.

So what can I do? I cannot provide for you your prosperity, because it's already in front of you and you know what you are doing to achieve it. And, that is neither my job nor my interest, nor is it with in my capacity to do so. However, if you are having blocks to prosperity I can see them clearly and help you to identify and dissolve them. And they do not have to do with individuality except that it is a problem. In other words, you cannot say, for example, "if you're so smart what ain't you rich?" It's not about competitive individuality and if you think that it is, that's a huge part of the problem. It IS about working together, two men then three then more then many, to build a co-operative community dedicated to the welfare of the individuals participating. Such is the basic understanding of all successful businesses, and the basis of all successful planning.

Men who share common interests and express them in the form of sharing energies towards common goal will bond and learn to rely upon and trust one another. Wherever two or more are gathered they will manifest their intention. I am no longer content to be living alone making my way as an individual. I both want and see the need to be a participant in a community growth and prosperity project such as Islam offers as its very basis and foundation. So to that end I offer my services in Family Healing and Community Building in the hopes and with certainty that such community building will lead to the increase of my own and others' personal prosperity.

In a time where true religious foundations are so necessary, I'm certain of the success of this project. I propose to not only do this work but teach others who have the time and interest to do it also. Showing how the practice of Islam benefit the individual and the community on all three levels of human necessity, Health, Education and Welfare, is by far, in my opinion, the best way to create community growth and enhance personal security, which will in turn create prosperity and set a glowing example for all to see and admire.