Secrets are kept for a very good reason, and that is to inspire search.
For without requisite effort spent, one will not have earned the right to know.
And the secrets of value, if told, lose their value in the eyes of the seeker,
and are easily discarded for lesser trinkets.
This is not to mention the perverse nature to be found in man,
that the search is often for what to avoid.
If it is believed that truth hurts, then once discovered,
it will be enmified and never be practiced.
For that reason I can tell you with certainty
that you will not find what you are looking for here.
But that you must look deep inside yourself
for that inestimable treasure that is of value only to you.
So all this writing is but the feeble if not futile attempt to explain the inexplicable.
It can and should be transmitted in person because it can be felt,
but, being necessarily beyond the grasp of the mind,  i
t cannot be explained,
because without feeling it cannot be comprehended.
What then have you done with your ability and willingness to feel?