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Shi'ism: Doctrines, Thought ans Spirituality - Edited by Sayyid Hossein Nasr
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Henry Corbin, in his chapter entitled The Meaning of the Imam for Shi'i Spirituality, begins with the subtitle
"Shi`ism as the Religion of Spiritual Love that Initiates One into Knowledge of Self".

The Wives Of The Apostle Of Allah And His Children
The Conference of Baghdad's Ulama  (download pdf)
"Ask Those Who Know" Complete Text on
Wikipedia -Complete List of Classical Shia Literature
A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims
‘World and the Hereafter' in light of Ahadith
Victory of Truth: the Life of Zanab bint `Ali
My Reference Notes on 'The Last Sermon'
A List of the Twelve Ahli Baiti Imams
Imam Al-Ghazali's Ihya Ulum udDin
The Occultation of the Twefth Imam
Family of Muhammad (Wiki)
A Short Bio of Lady Khadija
Shia Hadith Collections
Article on Hz. Khadija
Tahrik Tarsile Qur`an
ShiaSearch on Mahdi
Shia Encyclopedia - Dedicated to Imam Hassan (AS) - Good history - Complete w/everyting
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History of Islamic Calendar
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Shia Literature and Sources

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Complete Lectures of Dr. Hamid Algar

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Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Qur'ān

Zahra Publications Catalog 
Shaykh Fadhlalla's Important reading list - 
"His teaching calls for the fulfillment and completion of human potential both inwardly and outwardly." -

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri's online teachings of Self-realization in Islam

A favorite of Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Top Picks

1. Kitab al Irshad - Compilation of the lives, accomplishments and sayings of the Twelve Imams beginning with Imam Ali and concluding with Imam Mahdi.     

2. Brother of the Prophet - A comprehensive biography of the life of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, this work unveils his achievements in every facet of life, from the home to the battlefield to the mosque to the seat of government. Shaykh Chirri is meticulous in his description of the complex yet beautiful life and character of Ali. He is able to capture the depth of Ali's relationships with his family, with the Prophet, with the people and with God. This book is a beautiful complement to Ali's own sermons that are presented in the Nahjual Balagha.

3. The Right Path

4. Inquiries about Islam - A comparative study and dialogue between Shaykh Mohammed Jawad Chirri of the Islamic Center of Detroit, and Dr. Wilson H. Guertin of the University of Florida. Through their debate on Islam and Christianity they explore the evolution, beliefs and current practices of both faiths.

5. Know Your Islam - A simple and basic guide to the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam, and a brief outline of Islamic history. Suitable for those seeking a factual summary of the elements of Islam.

6. Peshawar Nights

7. Nahj ul Balaagha

8. Hayat Al Qulub Vol 1,2,3 - Stories of the Prophets: - Allamah Muhammad Baqir Al Majlisi Translated by Sayyid Athar Hussain S H Rizvi

Important Selections from
Imam Al-Khoei Online Book Store

Hayat al Qulub - $26 - Writtten by Allama Baqar Majlisi. This is one of the best known works of allamah Majlisi., published in three volumes, the first volume deals with the lives and times of all the Prophets up to the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWA. H/B Pages 664 The second volume is exclusively about the biography of the Holy Prophet SAWA translated by James L.Merrick under the title “ The life and Religion ofMuhammad SAWA. H/B Pgs. 462 The third volume explores the question of succesion to the Prophet Muhammad SAWA and describes the lofty position of Ahl Al-Bayt in Islam. H/B Pgs. 495

Hayat Al- Qulub vol. 2- $26 -

Hayat Al- Qulub vol. 3- $26 -

 Spiritual Discourses - $5 - The book is a collection of 13 discourses by Shahid Mutah'hari. The lectures were delivered under the following titles: 1. Spritual Freedom part 1, 2. Spiritual Freedom part 2, 3. Worship and Prayer part 1, 4. Worship and Prayer part 2, 5. Repentence part 1, 6. Repentence part 2, 7. Dignity and Glory of spirit, 8. Belief in Unseen, 9. The Criteria for Humanity, 10. Migration and Jihad part 1, 11. Migration and Jihad part 2, 12. Migration and Jihad part 3, 13. The School of Humanity

 The Origin and Early Development of Shia Islam - $8 - A critical reassessment to trace out those earlier tendencies and ideas which gave Shia Islam its distinctive character.P/B

 A Shi'ite Anthology - $8 - Allama Tabatabaie points out lucidly three basic dimention of Shiite tradition. 1- The profession of Unity ( Al-Tawhid ) or the metaphysical and theological principles of the faith 2- the political social and moral teachings. 3- Inward spritual and devotional life of the community . These dimensions stress the principles and fundamentals of Islam. The aspects of Divine Law have been reflected in Imam Ali's (A.S) instructions to " Malik Ashter " and to a lesser degree in the prayers.P/B, Pgs. 150

 A Probe into the History of Hadith - $6 - A probable in to the History of the delicate Institution of Hadith by Allama Murtaza Askari, a renowned contemporary scholar and historian, who unveiled the picture of this institution in such a manner that every line and contour of its countenance becomes distinctly clear. His unbiased analysis invites the attention of the Muslim scholars to dispassionately differentiate between authentic and fabricated Hadith.P/B

 Uyun Akhbar Ar-Reza vol. 1 & 2(a.s)- $50 - This attractive, hard bound book is not only a detailed account of the Biography of our Eighth Imam Abul Hassan Ali ibni Musa AR-Ridha a.s. and a narration of the life-story of the Imam AS’ but it gives an insight into the erudition and holiness of the Imam AS. and the narration of His ahadith which has gone down in history as “Al-Silsilatul Dhahabiyyah” (The Golden Chain) that is transmitted from Imam to Imam from The Prophet SAWW. Uyoon Akhbar Al-Reza is divided into thirty chapters, each of which treats a certain topic related to the Imam AS. Chapter One gives a rationale of the name Al-Reza. The book describes Imam Al-Reza’s appointment to Imamah by his father. It carries detailed accounts of the debates that took place on the Infallibility of prophets and the legitimacy of the immediate successorship of Imam Ali AS in which Ma’moon also argued in favor of Imam Ali AS’ legitimate immediate succession after The Prophet SAWW. The Imam AS brilliant expose on Imamah and the difference between ‘itrah’ and ‘ummah’ are recorded in this book which has thirty pages of endnotes with references and elaborations. H/B Pgs. 688

 The Prolegomena to the Quran - $18 - The great author Ayatullah Saiyyid A. Al-Khoei,stresses the importance of understanding the historical setting in which the Quran was revealed. He expounds his own views, and refutes Sunni beliefs and concepts categorically concerning the theories of alteration and abrogation in Quran. He discusses many critical and controversial topics connected with the collection and canonization of the text, that has received little attention since classic age.

 The Life of Imam Al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s)- $22 - The book is the biography of the Twelfth Imam, Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (a.t.f.s) also referred to as the "Qaim of Aale Muhammad" the awaited Imam and the Last of the successors. It also covers major objections that the opponents of Shias aim against belief in Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) which the respected author, has refuted in a convincing way. H/B Pgs. 400

 The Book of Occultation ( Kitab Al-Ghaibah)- $25 - (Volume 51 of BIHARUL ANWAR). Compiled by Allamah Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi. Translated by Hassan Allahyari.
To know the Imam of The Time is one of the Prophetic injunctions to all mankind accepted unanimously across the different schools of thought. Imam Mehdi AFS, The Twelfth Imam after The Prophet SAWW, is our Imam of the Time. Thus, to teach us who the Imam is our scholars have penned erudite books. One is Allamah Majlisi’s Kitabul Ghaibah. (A similar work is AL-GHAYBAH :OCCULTATION by Ibn Abu Zaynab An-Nu’mani, Translated by Abdullah Al-Shahin, Ansariyan, Qum.$18.00 + s&h (HB). 488 pp )

Allamah Majlisi’s book is divided into xxv chapters with prefatory matter and appendices that take the reader through from the Imam AS’ birth, lineage, names and titles and ahadith foretelling his birth and advent to the period of his ghaibah, both the short (al-ghaybah al-sughra) and long (al-ghaybah al-kubra), his deputies (emissaries) reappearance and rule, impostors who laid claim to being the emissaries and gateways to the Imam AS, the holy letter from The Imam AS about Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali al-Shalmaghani’s blasphemous claims and falsehood. The translator of Allamah Majlisi’s book has incorporated the original Arabic narrations that are culled from a wide variety of sources, inter alia, Nahjul Balaghah, Al-Kafi, Al-Ghaiba of Sheikh Tusi, Ikmal al-Din, Al- Ghaibah of Al-Nu’mani rendering the book rich in its content. His sources are not confined to the Shi’a texts only; rather, he also quotes Sunni texts, which testifies to the authenticity of the presence of The Imam AS in Ghaibah. Abdullah ibn Umar, for example is quoting The Prophet SAWW “The Mahdi will rise and there will be a cloud over his head, from which a caller will be calling: ‘This is the Mahdi, the Caliph of Allah.’” One of the rare veritable ahadith from Abu Huraira is also quoted: “The Hour shall not rise until a man from my Household reigns. He will conquer Constantinople and the Mount of Dailam. If there should remain but no more than one day, Allah will prolong that day.” The book, however, does not identify the geographic locations of many place-names cited in the ahadith, though once in a while there is a footnote to a place-name.

Al-Nu’mani’s book also carries the Arabic text and has information that Majlisi has not included in his book. For example, there is a whole chapter entitled “The Shia when Al-Qaim Appears” with ahadith that need to be pondered over. One such perplexing hadith is reportedly from Imam Al-Sadiq AS: “When al_Qaim(s) appears, those who have thought themselves as his followers will apostatize, and those who are somehow like the worshippers of the sun and the moon will follow him.” No further explanation is forthcoming in the book. Al-Nu’mani has also quoted a hadith that apparently alludes to the corruption in The Qur’an and appends a footnote to clarify that this is not the opinion of the Shi’a. Thus, intellectual integrity of Al-Nu’mani is demonstrated along with his strong faith in the Shi’a belief that The Qur’an between the two bindings is the real, uncorrupted text. Incidentally, Al-Nu’mani quotes from Majlisi’s Bihar also in his narrations. These two books together constitute a rich mine of information, albeit duplicated. Yet, if there is more information in one book than in the other, both are equally worth reading.

 Imam Hasan (a.s) and Caliphate- $5 - A short biography of the Holy Imam, sixth in the line of succession to the Holy Prophet of Islam . A narration of the wisdom, knowledge, and unmatchable sagacity in revival of the orthodox Islam free from any deviation or manipulations . No doubt existence of Islam is always indebted to the blood of Hussain and the knowledge of Imam Al-Sadiq A.S.

 The Light of Holy Qur'an vol. 2- $16 - Tafseer from Baqarah (Chapter 2) Verse 153 upto Baqarah verse 252). An enlightened commentary of the holy Quran. The traditional approach to commentary on the verses of the Quran has been re-adapted to provide an unique approach towards understanding the rationale behind each surah in the respective parts of the Quran.

 The Qa'em in the Qur'an- $20 -  an expremely strong and unique resource, for it boasts beautiful collection of the chosen verses of the Holy Qur'an about the rising Imam from the family of Mohammad (s.a.w.a) the Imam of the time and Allah's Decisive Proof on His creation. These Ahadith have been collected from the Tafseer of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s). The original book is in Arabic entiled as " Al-Mahajjah Fi Ma Nazala Fil Qa'em Al-Hujjah" H/B Pgs. 313

 The Ways of Enlightened - $18 - As a unique Zakir e Hussain A.S, Allama Rashid Turabi needs no introduction. Not only he was a matchless orator, but was also a first rate researcher, a broad minded Scholar of Theology and an eloquent Poet. Mirza Mahdi Pooya, one of the most respected Exegetes of the Quran, was his contemporary and a great admirer of Allama. Allama Turabi was a poineer in selecting specific tipics and announcing the titles of his addresses from the pulpit of the Majlis. In a short span of time, he used to present a brief inventory of Quranic verses relevant to his topic and supplement his expounding with ample quotations from Imams of Ahlul Bayt, especially from the Sermons of Imam Ali A.S. This work is volume 2 of Majalis-e-Turabi, the sequel to the first volume of the English translation of lectures and covers eighteen speeches of the late Allamah Turabi. Many of these lectures were broadcast from Radio Pakistan and his objective was to give a message to the Nation wihtin a sort span of time. These titles include the code of conduct for true servants of Allah. For example Sajdah, Yaqeen, Tasleem, Raza-e-Rab, Taqwa, Sabr and many more. Allama goes on to draw heavily from the brilliant passages from Nahjul Balagha, and also quotaing spontaneously from the poetry of Allamah Iqbal in the passing. They are from the most popular speeches of Allama Turabi proving his great talent in providing his audience with maximum knowledge in minimum time.

 Al-Mawaaizh, Sifat-ush-Shia, Fadhaail-ush-Shia- $13 - As the above titles show, they are the 3 books by Sheikh Sadooq, a great traditionalist of Shia School from early 4th century Hijrah, which have been compiled together by the publisher for the convenience of the readers. They are the grand collection of Ahadith, from the Ahlul Bayt Arabic text together its English translation. H/B

 Biography of Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib a.s - $25 - A translation of "Sirat-e-Amir Al-Miminin" . The original book is written in Urdu language, which describes impressions of the life and achievements of Imam Ali a.s at length. The writer has made no efforts to make a colorful presentation nor to exaggerate any fact. Rather the facts presented are free from the slightest element of bias. All the facts in this book have been presented in the light of authentic historical references. H/B Pgs. 720

 Nahjul-Balagha Vol.1-2( Peak of Eloquence) - $35 - Known also as "Peak of Eloquence " A collection of Imam Ali's (A.S ) sermons, epistles and sayings in Arabic text with English translation. H/B

Essence of Life ( Ain Al-Hayat )  -  $25.00 - Allama Muhammad Baqir Majlisi is a renowned Shi’a scholar. This book is another translation of his famous work, which includes (HAYATUL QULOOB in 3 parts, THE BOOK OF OCCULTATION, for example). The book begins with the biographical descriptions of some of the truest Companions of The Prophet SAWW, namely, Salman Farsi, Abu Dharr Ghifari and Miqdad Al-Aswad. Then in each chapter he picks up various themes related to the Existence of Allah SWT, His creation of the universe, the angels, His Attributes, Prophethood, followed by Imamah, The Day of Judgment, the value and rewards of good deeds etc. Allama Majlisi elaborates upon the aqaeed (tenets of beliefs) in their various ramifications and shows us how to attain total devotion to Allah SWT. One chapter is devoted to the benefits of reciting The Qur’an as a whole and verses from various chapters. There is also very good advice about dealing with rulers and about helping one’s brethren in faith, examples from the lives of Imam Husain AS and Imam Zaynul Abideen AS as well as supplications to be recited after each salaat and before going to bed. Negative behavioral traits that show the degree of one’s belief and faith are listed and discussed. These include, inter alia, lying, greed, backbiting, false allegations, pride etc. The book also includes various supplications to be recited after each prayer, especially the tasbeeh and its merits. The book concludes with The Prophet SAWW’s Will concerning Abu Dharr, the most truthful person. H/B Pgs 416

The Collection & Preservation of Quran - $6.00 - The book is a selection of two chapters from Ayatullah Syed Abul Qasim Al-Khoei's famous work "AL-BAYAN FI TAFSIR AL-QURAN" under the subjects of TAHREEF and COLLECTION OF QURAN". The book was acclaimed as a masterpiece by Shia as well as Sunni scholars, leaving no doubt in the minds of its readers that Quran as a great force binding all the Muslims together has come to stay for ever. While Syed Al-Khoei enumerates and discusses all the reports from Shia as well as Sunni sources, he very ably concludes that according to the reliable and authentic traditions, Quran has remained pure, pristine and unprofaned. His arguments proving that the belief in TAHREEF goes against Al-Kitab (Quran) and the Sunnah, Al-Aql and Ijma, are compelling and persuasive. His analysis of all those reports, which indicate desultory, unmethodical and haphazard later day collection of Quran leaves no shred of doubt that they are false and fabricated.P/B Pgs. 96


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Peshawar Nights Online

A Shi'ite Encyclopedia Online

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Islamic Laws Online

Ashura’, the 10th of Muharram

Remembering Karbala - Once Again

Verses of Ghadir

Al-Serat journal - Al Kafi - Kulayni

 Inner Secrets of the Path- Asadullah ad-Dhaakir Yates.
Published by: Elements Books in association with Zahra Publications - 1989 .


Khutbat (Sermon) Mola Imam Ali Ibn e Abi Talib a.s from Nehjul Israar and Nehjul Balagah



Tahrik Tarsil e Quran - Islamic Literature

Al-Itrah Foundation - Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Ansariyan Publications

Notes on Nahjul Balaagha from wikipedia

  1. ^ The preface of Nahj al Balagha
  2. ^ Alternative Sources of the Contents of Nahj al-Balaghah
  3. ^ The Glimpses of Nahj al Balaghah Part I - Introduction
  4. ^ Bibliography for Alternative Sources of Nahj al-Balagha
  5. ^ What is Nahjul Balagha?
  6. ^ Al-Dhahabi, Siyaar A'laam (17/589)

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