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Soul Mates
The Search of the Authentic, Realized, Individuated Self for Guidance

In the West the search for the Soul is paramount, but what then? In many parts of the East, because of the prevalence of ancient teachings, the Soul is taken for granted, and even then, there is still guidance provided. In the West however, because of the relative newness of the culture of the English language and the brave and sometime cowardly nature of the Human Spirit, guidance, except in the outward, is for the most part relatively undiscovered. But the time has come, because guidance in the outward can only take one so far, and then we are met with the inevitable conundrum of personal dissatisfaction.

Integration of the Outward with the Inward

Integration of the outward with the inward is different from the quest to integrate the inward with the outward, which is basically the search for acceptance at the cost or sacrifice of the inward, our souls. If we reverse our inherited quest it looks difficult because the search for the inward is in itself difficult, and also because it does not obviously appear to be of any "real" values in the outward. And in order to find it we must at least temporarily give up the outward so that we can sit at ease with our true selves and from there re-evaluate our priorities and interests. It just doesn't make "sense".

But since the search for our True Self through Knowledge of God is our primary responsibility, as long as it remains unfulfilled, there will always be a nagging doubt or fear of failure because so much seems to be riding on our success in the outward that we have no time for or deny the real reason for our doubts and fears being the very sense of un-fulfillment that we are trying to compensate for by our quest for the outward. For that reason we are taught by the masters of God Realization to sit with our emptiness and resist the urge to act on it in a compensatory way. This is called self-control and lead to enlightenment.

True self control is not for the "purpose" of accomplishment, as is taught by so many, but for the purpose of resisting and investigating that urge to accomplish which drives so many down the path of "success and failure". This is the purpose of training in "Intentional Contemplation". In "sitting" quietly - sometime referred to as meditation - resisting our urges, or drives, we are afforded the opportunity to investigate our motivations and purify our intentions, for that which derives of a pure intention to please the One (God) must surely come to pass. Then we receive the success that God has planned for us, and are not distracted from it by the felt "need" to fulfill or act upon our own motivations.

Seeking our recognition in the outward is futile at best, and downright self-destructive at worst. It's through self recognition that our innermost dreams come true in a way that cannot and will not become undone. That's because God recognizes us already and only wants us to recognized that. He (the Force) wants us to fulfill His purpose and reap the ultimate satisfaction, and will only grant us satisfaction in our own purpose to the degree that it serves His.

So, O You who are Realized or not, come to the TRUE Love. Walk the way of the Sufis by taking the guidance of a true master. Learn How to Truly serve God and reap the real benefit of your lives.