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Reality Therapy and Radical Honesty

Reality Heals! It is only Reality that Heals! Transformation cannot really take place until your personal reality is reached. This because we are wired so as to allow our illusion precedence over our reality. Connecting with Reality requires Peace and Radical Honesty, the necessity of "cutting through the "crap", so to speak, of the illusions of our minds. Once we are one with reality, then reality is always in the state of change or transformation for the better. Changing our reality is not our responsibility, it is natural, effortless and 'automatic'. Our responsibility is to change what is in our hearts - our Attitudes about Reality.

What is Radical? Radical is what works in spite of and in the face of conventional thought. Radical is "other than" conventional, that's why it's radical. Looking everywhere, I see that very little else works on a lasting basis. Believing that there is, in spite of that, something working, I have to look where it isn't or re-investigate the discarded. Radical is what everyone is looking for but for reasons of their own, will not go where it is.

Radical Honesty is what you need, not what you want. You cannot be the director of your own healing from the point of your mentally created desires, and you cannot bypass your mind from your mind. There are several reasons and proofs of this. If you could, you would not be in need of Radical Honesty. Therefore you must do the only thing you can and that is Surrender, and that is not always easy to do since we have almost completely forgotten what it means. But it is only then that you can be the director of your own therapy - after surrendering yourself to an exploration of truth - to discover reality. The major impediment is that it implies a willingness to give up your illusions and contradict your desires, which, because they are your desires, is nearly impossible.

Radical Honesty is Radical only because truth has become so buried under the  commercial control of our favorite media, the English language. We need to escape completely the confines of our own thoughts simply because they are in English and the Vocabulary of Essence has been removed and replaced with meaningless commercialisms. And this has been true since before we were born. It's no small wonder that most of the spiritual truths are imports, since seekers of truth have had by force to leave the country and seek elsewhere.

Seeking to attain, and searching for the object of attainment, is, and comes from, a necessarily and entirely different mindset than the no-mindset of genuine attainment. There are many indications to support this understanding.

Kknowing is a three part process. The first part is identification - the discovery of that which you wish to know. This in itself is not easy because of our thinking, but to complicate the procedure is the illusion that we know already what it is we want or do not know. add to that the illusion that discovering is knowing. True Discovery is difficult, and that's why it is half the battle.

The second level is the process by which the work of knowing is done, and in a word, the work is study and contemplation. This is not just imagining or holding on to an image or a picture, which is what's commonly done, and the results are always dubious at best. Contemplation is doing the actual work of manifesting the contemplated. Now you see why identification is so important. If what you've identified and are contemplating is only an illusion, then all you will manifest is another illusion.

Wayne Dyer says it so beautifully, "Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions which you wish to produce".

The third level of real knowing is the relinquishing of attainment and all goals related to attainment. That's why it is expressed or indicated in an entirely different language than that of the seeker. It's expression is necessarily 'radical' because it cannot be comprehended by the seeker set on discovery. If you knew what you were looking for, you would not be looking.

Once the knowing is attained the Known does the knowing. This is different from the unknown or unknowing doing the knowing, which is more often referred to as seeking. Seeking is the unknown doing the knowing. That is different from the known doing the knowing. How then can you attain when you are still dedicated to the search? How then can you "not" be, when you are so dedicated to being?

What is needed is a genuine expression of ignorance and unknowing, but how can we 'do' or 'attain' even  that, when don't know what even that is?

All of our certainty is not only useless - as in not at all helpful - but a huge hindrance to understanding that which we profess to seek.

How in Heaven's name can you get here from there?