The Yoga of Weakness and Dejection
Completely Disempowered and Thouroughly Educated

Reality Heals! Therapy is anything that helps you recognize The Reality That Heals. Surrender Works! Only when Truth is touched and Reality is recognized can change occur. The yoga of weakness and dejection is different from the yoga of pretending, or the "fake it till you make it" ideology of setting and attaining of goals. The yoga of weakness and dejection is the yoga of true self acceptance and reliance upon the real power that is so obviously greater than our own (but we can own it by surrendering to it and allowing it the freedom to be and do as it chooses.)

We can only get in touch with it by surrendering to that which we have been running from all of our lives, because that is the reality which we have been trying so hard and desperately to change. And all that effort has been not only fruitless, but de-energizing as well.

Have you ever noticed how much more refreshed you feel after an experience in which you have confronted and walked through some fear that had been plaguing you?

Welcome to The Tavern of Ruin
Have no hope O you lost soul.
  Your Reality is different from what you imagine.
Only those who've passed through the fires
of their own personal hell
may enter here.

(From the Masters of Depression and Hopelessness)

Wherever two or more are gathered (in the search for truth)....

The symbiosis between therapist and client continues, the explorations are always new. Once the principles of Reality Therapy are truly understood their continued application to self is assured by passing them on - by applying them to others. It's like a blessing. It keeps coming back to you. It really does not matter who is the client and who the healer, since the symbiosis brings them together as one, working together as a team toward the discovery of applicable truth.

We Are The Masters of Depression and Hopelessness

The Four Yogic Principles of Attainment (Intentional Contemplation):

  ~ Detachment from Distraction (Pratyahara) ~
This is arriving at Unity through cessation of traveling elsewhere.
It is the work and point of healing and healers.
Rooting out the roots of attachment.

which allows for
  ~ Identifying your True Focus of Concentration (Dharana) ~
which is necessary for
  ~ Meditation/Contemplation into Realization (Dhyana) ~
leading to
  ~ Comprehension/Realization/Success/Completion (Samadhi) ~