Sufi Healing is the Ancient Approach to Love revised by the Spiritual Masters of the Middle East benefiting from the esoteric implications of the Islamic Revelation; and most recently by leading edge researchers and groups of western healers looking into all resources to understand reasons and cures for modern diseases.

The most recently discovered foundation to this approach states that the whole of healing is in knowing the difference between conditional and unconditional love. And that it requires support from the people of unconditional love to help the people of conditional love make the transformation. Evidently, the whole of our self limiting can be attributed to attempts to meet conditions for love. Yet Love is Divine, Holy and Endless and more and more people are coming to that realization daily, but if not, then the first step is getting them to believe and understand it.

It's very clear that until the emotional entanglement around an anchoring issue is cleared, in most cases, attempts to eradicate that issue will fail. So what are 'anchoring' issues? Anchoring issues are those issues, traumatic or otherwise, that hold a physical incapacity in place.

Conscious Denial

Our conscious mind is in many stages of denial all at once. We deny remembering everything, no matter what and for good reason - even what we ate yesterday. But the entirety of our experience is stored in our memory.

Healing definitely means revisiting - being able to make sense of our lives, rather than to exist in a coma of traumatic shock - and people simply do not want to do that. So rather than heal themselves, they pass their illnesses and the responsibility for healing them on to their children who, understandably begrudged, necessarily shoulder that responsibility. Eventually, after hostility develops, these children want to cause pain back, they want their parents to show remorse and suffering, to feel something, so they increase the intensity of their illness. This becomes a vendetta in which one would rather die than forgive and forget. And even though this may not always be the case, there is still the possibility and it must be taken into consideration just so it will not be overlooked and missed.

Why people refuse to heal

Hatred takes a turn on itself and hates itself for hating others. For many people the hatred, anger and desire for revenge can be so strong that they will rebel against the idea of healing themselves before tasting it. For many people, sickness is their chosen means of expression for anger, futility, frustration and grief, and of course they do not want to admit it. So if your sickness is plaguing you and everything you do to help it go away seems to be failing, you might want to look into aa well-known trick of the self called PR or Psychological Reversal. You know if you're doing it! It's possible that (all your protestations to the contrary notwithstanding), you may not really want to get well. It's possible that your intention is revenge, not getting well. If that is the case then your illness is the self-accepted punishment you feel you must suffer for the pleasure you feel in advance for the cruelty you're enjoying afflicting.

It's OK! We understand this and you are not wrong! You feel you've been hurt beyond repair and only getting back looks like any payback at all for all the suffering. But how would it be if we could show you a better way? So you could lighten up on your objects of revenge, and take some of the pressure and the pain off of yourself?