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SUFISM AND ISLAM - The Meaning, the Path and the Promise
"If we Muslims simply see ourselves as healers, not warriors, and see Islam as the medicine, not the weapon, and
learn to apply it, like all medicines, with a judicious perspective on the nature of disease and disharmony, then
we will be successful in our endeavors to have the world understand the benefits and healing nature of Islam."

Selected Teachings from Sheikh Din Muhammad Abdullah al-Dayemi
Asalaamu Aleikum 
A Chronological Presentation of the Development of a Spiritual Community
The Eleven Principles of Progressive Development

Foundations of a New World Community
Remembrance, Recognition & Realization

The "Three R's" of Spiritual Life

Dayemi Silsilas
Ali Ansari
Understanding Spiritual Unity and World Peace in these Troubled Times: The Sufi Approach to Islam,
The key to Spiritual Satisfaction and the Attainment of the Life of your Dreams: Community Building,
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Sufism and Islam - The Meaning, the Path and the Promise - Understanding Religious Unity,
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Thought, Vision & Feeling: The Search for the Meaning and Reality of Forgiveness,
More Principles of Health and Education in Islamic Sufism - Guidance to Abidance,
Healing the Heart and Soul Through Direct Realization: Elements of Sufi Healing,
The Psychology of Islam and the Sunrise in the West - True Love=Surrender,
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The Original Essays on Self-Realization: Journey to the Soul of Truth,
Spiritual Psychology and the Human Situation: What Everyone Wants,
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The Essential Work - Healing Separation: The Work of Surrender,
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Release Yourself to the Healing Power of God: Some Poems,
My Background in Holistic Health and Medicine, Synopsis,
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