"Anyone not learned in the Knowledge of Muhammad
dies insisting on unforgivable sin."
~ Sufi saying ~

This is an affirmation of the Sufi knowledge
that he (Muhammad) is the first and the last of the saviours of souls.
This is not a statement of exclusivity but of inclusivity,
for the Healing or Salvation brought by the knowledge of Muhammad
emcompasses, embraces and loves the knowledge of salvation and healing
brought by all other prophets, saints and guides to this way of reality.

There IS only one way, the way of personal salvation and it is the personal way,
the way of choosing to be in that way, to seperate yourself from ignorance,
and join with the people of salvation. For salvation of the soul is attained
only by the personal choice to realize and accept the Foregiveness of God,
and through communion, accepting the guidance,
tuteledge and education of the teachers of this way; by being saved,
and by being among those sent to guide, tutor and educate others
in the ways of Surrender to God's Mercy, Foregivenss and Abundance.
Hence the Muslim call to prayer is "come to Service and Worship,
and come to True Success and Prosperity. "

A Course in Miracles says:

My brothers in salvation, do not fail to hear my voice and listen to my words. I ask for nothing but your own release. There is no place for hell within a world whose loveliness can yet be so intense and so inclusive it is but a step from there to Heaven. To your tired eyes I bring a vision of a different world so new and clean and fresh you will forget the pain and sorrow that you saw before. Yet this a vision is which you must share with everyone you see, for otherwise you will behold it not. To give this gift is how to make it yours. And God ordained, in loving kindness, that it be for you.

Let us be glad that we can walk the world, and find so many chances to perceive another situation where God's gift can once again be recognized as ours! And thus will all the vestiges of hell, the secret sins and hidden hates be gone. And all the loveliness which they conceal appear like lawns of Heaven to our sight, to lift us high above the thorny roads we traveled on before the Christ appeared. Hear me, my brothers, near and join with me. God has ordained I cannot call in vain, and in His certainty I rest content. For you will hear, and you will choose again. And in this choice is everyone made free. 

I thank You, Father, for these holy ones who are my brothers as they are Your Sons. My faith in them is Yours. I am as sure that they will come to me as You are sure of what they are, and will forever be. They will accept the gift I offer them, because You gave it to me on their behalf. And as I would do but Your holy Will, so will they choose. And I give thanks for them. Salvation's song will echo through the world with every choice they make. For we are one in purpose, and the end of hell is near.

In joyous welcome is my hand outstretched to every brother who would join me in reaching past temptation, and who looks with fixed determination toward the light that shines beyond in perfect constancy. Give me my own, for they belong to You. And can You fail in what is but your Will? I give you thanks for what my brothers are. And as each one elects to join with me, the song of thanks from earth to Heaven grows from tiny scattered threads of melody to one inclusive chorus from a world redeemed from hell, and giving thanks to You.

~ ACIM~31/8/8-11