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What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge. It is the answer to the question of "how?"

It's all about "how", and "with wisdom" is the answer to "how". If we think about anything long enough that thing upon which we focus our attention will reveal to us its secrets, but that attention must be undivided and prepared for infinite patience. So the real learning is how - how to think, how to learn what we need to learn, how to accomplish, how to connect, how to meditate, how to contemplate and how to love: to get, feel and keep love.

Know that absolutely everything comes from Unity and leads to Unity. So knowledge of Unity is a part of Wisdom, and Unity is by nature and definition all-inclusive. Therefore - Your Self is Included! Not Excluded! As a matter of fact, when you focus your attention on your self (long enough), it too will reveal its secrets, and you will find in it the keys to all other secrets. That's why it is famously said that "Who knows oneself, knows one's Lord". And, "Physician, Heal Thyself!"

About this latter saying, please understand this. Conventional thinking thinks linearly, not concurrently. Concurrent thinking is a product of Wisdom, and is not always present in conventional linear thinking. Linear thinking translates "Physician, Heal Thyself!" into "Physician, Heal Thyself (First! Then Heal Others)", or, "in order to heal others you must first be healed yourself". But that is not the true meaning of the teaching. The true meaning is exactly what is said, and can be translated into "Healing Yourself IS Healing others" and, like all things, this must be practiced to completion in order to understand it, comply with it and really be the true physician and heal others. And not many people are interested enough to actually do it. That's why the world as you see it is in the sorry state in which you believe it to be. If you want to heal the world you must heal yourself, but again I say that it is not linear. When you are completed healing yourself there will no longer be a world in need of healing rather a world of absolute perfection. So you can then look for another job.

The only knowledge that serves alone is this knowledge and it is the knowledge of wisdom. All other knowledge is valuable but does not serve without the knowledge of practical application, but wisdom is the knowledge of practical application.

Face it. If we had the wisdom we'd know how to get the money. So let's learn and teach the rudiments of wisdom - how to Think, Accomplish, Connect, Meditate, Contemplate, Love - Get, Feel and Keep Love. i.e. The Wisdom Process.

Understanding the rudiments of The Wisdom Process is a necessary part of Wisdom.

In Sanskrit, The Wisdom Process is called Samyama: the power and process of comprehension. It is comprised of the last three of the eight practices toward unification, commonly found as the basis of most yoga systems.

So what is the meaning of comprehension? When we apply the comprehension process to the meaning of comprehension, we discover that comprehension includes the knowledge of accomplishment. To comprehend implies completion and complete understanding, so comprehension is the completion of the understanding process. You're no longer working on it, you got it. The meaning of a complete understanding of something implies the ability to accomplish it due to having thought it all the way through.

In Arabic it is referred to as `Iqan -
Certainty. And in knowing the Three Stages of Certitude, we discover the Process of Ascertainment.

And in both languages is affirmed The Three Realities of Knowledge.
* Knowing that knowledge is incomplete is the beginning of wisdom. Hearing about it.
* Seeking the completion of knowledge is the action of wisdom. Seeing it.
* Knowing when knowledge is complete (which includes its practical application) is the wisdom of wisdom. Embodying it.

The practical application of wisdom is in understanding that all problems are wisdom problems and that in learning to apply wisdom to one problem you are actually learning the process of applying wisdom, not just solving the problem. Problems are there not just to be solved, as the
linear, literal goal-oriented mind would assume. Problems are there to teach us the wisdom of solving problems.
For as we have already discovered (no?) ...
In Reality there is no problem to resolve!