/ Solving the Wisdom Problem

Nothing I Do Works - Why is that?

What, exactly, are you trying to do? Are you certain it's the best way to accomplish what you wish to accomplish? Is it possible you've diagnosed the problem incorrectly and are trying to apply an incorrect remedy, tactic or method to its solution? An old Sufi poet once said: "Methinks that Mecca thou shall not reach, my friend. For the road thou takest leadeth unto Turkestan."

"Who", "What", "Where" and "When" are requests for knowledge. "Why" is a request for Understanding and "How" is a search for Wisdom. That's why How is the most frequently asked question by seekers of wisdom; "how do I do this how do I get that. Or there?" The question of How is the quest for wisdom, not knowledge. Understanding that helps us to understand that "How" is not a request for knowledge, and that is why it is almost always the most difficult question to answer. If we start with the reply, "with wisdom", we are on the right track to answering it. The same applies to "Why" and Insight; understanding is the fruit of insight.

So the de facto answer to the question "How" is, "with wisdom". But that's patently pat and very susceptible to cliché. So we must investigate two more things: one is the meaning and practical application of wisdom, and two is the genuineness of the intention, or what it is we are really trying to accomplish, and why. Insight into the why will always produce satisfaction as at least one of, if not the, major goal. And it is proven that if we can produce satisfaction first, the means to accomplishment will become much more easily discovered, or the desire for the accomplishment will be altogether removed. For a true desire is either accomplished or removed.

Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge. We know already that something works. What's hidden from us is the means by which it works. Without the wisdom of How it works, it is impossible to make it work. So we must be sure what it is we want to accomplish and be sure what we are trying to accomplish is the same thing, that it serves the purpose intended. Without that clear certainty, it's quite possible that all attempts will fail.

Why it Doesn't Work!
Why Nothing Works - The Missing Link

Why what doesn't work? Why, Everything of course. You've tried it all and nothing works. Yeah, yeah - a little bit here a little bit there.

Monofocus is Tunnel Vision
Why do believe in the "one size fits all" paradigm. Why do choose to believe and choose to act accordingly that we can find all the answers to our personal problems and the world's in one religion, particularly Islam, when it is well known that the prophet himself AS told us that the search for knowledge was incumbent upon the believer from the cradle to the grave and to seek knowledge even as far as China? Cause we want it that way. We want it simple, but as soon as we can accept that it is not simple, and especially anywhere near as simple as we want it, it becomes simple. Monofocus is tunnel vision.

Something's Missing!
But what? Broadmindedness, perhaps? Has the view of Islam become so focused as to miss the goal entirely? It's not impossible, and the Prophet PBUH said that it could and would happen. Why then the need for `Isa AS and Mahdi to stand together in the last days and bring the truth if the people had not strayed so far from it? Why the need if not for the absence? Why are there many of the sabiqun (near ones) in the early days and few in the latter? Q - S:56

People so intent on the search that they overlook and pass right by what they're looking for.

It's because we are chasing our desires, and believe that the fulfillment of desire is the point and purpose to life, religion and paths. But it is not. And that is the point of disillusionment.

Vision plus Effort equals Prayer

They don't believe their eyes. They see you right in front of them and still do not believe.

All I have to do is see someone, but I mean really see, for them to be in and a part of me and my life and my work. And this means all they have to do is see themselves in me and me in them to break the isolation barrier.

What is the bottom line of healing power? It's not prayer although prayer will help one get there. Vision, I say. Envision it and it will happen. Not predict or prophesy, not imagine as in make-believe. But the truthful vision that is the certain percent of prophecy.
If you can see the way then there is one. Your seeing the way means that others can see it also.

Self Questioning

But is it not my own imagination that there is some dire situation that needs a hero to envision the way out of?
All you need to do is take a look around you.
But who's creating the dire situation.
I Am.
Exactly, I am.
But no. Read my book. Have I not told you that man is in a dire straight, except those who have faith and follow the right way (within themselves)? Souls are safe and the recipients of deeds, but are not the people being misled by their acceptance of the illusion as the reality (which it is for them but becomes a self-deluding trap)? Are you in it or are you not? Self-confirm, please. Have you not gone through the walls? Have you not felt the fire? If you cannot self confirm then do you need even more experience? Do you not want health, safety and well being for people? Are you not and have you always been an inviter to the right way? Have your responses to rejection and misunderstanding not been childish? Could that be what I meant by telling you to grow up. Even with the lady yesterday, your reaction to your own feeling of overwhelming inadequacy was simply to run.