/ Solving the Wisdom Problem
Understanding the Process of
Comprehension, Accomplishment and Completion

On Ma'arifat - Gnosis
From The Hundred Steps by Shaykh Abdalqadir  as-Sufi

"Gnosis is the knowledge on which all other knowledge rests. All knowledges are suppositional yet verifiable in the realm of contingency. This knowledge is real yet not demonstrable. Other knowledges do not, however, illuminate their knower, nor remove his anguish, nor give him judgment in every case, nor invest his presence with light and radiance. The man of knowledge remains in needs and creational dependence. The man of gnosis does not remain in any need except dependency on his Lord who gives him what he requires from creation. Other knowledges, being constructs without foundation, are baseless. Gnosis, the central knowledge, for it is knowledge of the self, is a proof to the one who knows it and this is its glory and its supremacy over all others. By it its possessor knows the Universe, how it is set up and its underlying laws in their action, their qualities and their essences. His knowledge of the Universe is his own self knowledge, while his knowledge of his own self is direct perception of his own original reality, his "Adamic" identity. Everything he has comes from Allah. He never sees anything but he sees Allah in it, before it, after it. There is only Allah in his eyes as in his heart. Whoever has gained this has gained the red sulfur. By it he can transform the hearts of those who come to him, for his presence alone is a guidance and a reminder. He guides to Allah by Allah. "

Selling the Work -
Understanding the Incomparable Value of Self Realization

To Clients and Practitioners: Here's why you want to spend your money on a basic training in self realization and reality therapy.

Self-Realization is a Holy Science. You need not be a master to practice it, or to pass it on. You need only to realize it!

It's not about money, there's way more than enough. It's about value! Considering that everybody has enough money, the question remains, why would they want to spend theirs on this?

The more you study healing the more you will be impressed that The Root of Physical Health is Spiritual Health, and the Root of Spiritual Health, and therefore all successful healing, is Self-Realization.

When clients reach certain realizations, illnesses disappear, diminish, decrease and go away. This is an irrefutable rule and there may even be a mathematical corollary.

Sitting with a Therapeutic Practitioner of Self-Realization in a discursive environment based on doing the work of self discovery must necessarily lead to benefit simply because of the intention.

A basic training in this practice will remarkably increase your ability to source core personal issues and relieve pain and suffering.

The success of a healing session and the duration of its result is directly related to the realization of the practitioner. If Self Realization is identified and recognized as the process and the goal, the process of healing will be facilitated, accelerated and enhanced proportionately.

Proper Education Always Corrects Errors

It's been proven beyond your shadow's doubt that illnesses are both caused and anchored by emotional distress.

This line of investigation is so popular that leading healers are avidly researching the cause of emotion itself with an eye to helping to heal all kinds of seriously crippling physical illnesses. In the finest sense emotion is a result of attachment to movement, either for or against an external object or internal feeling, and this movement is based on preference. A great Zen teaching states something to the effect that preference is the initial destabilizer and that lives can and should be lived in awareness of that.

Attraction and Repulsion are the active manifestations of preference, and the beginning of motion. Attachment to preference is the beginning of emotion and the disruption of perfect personal harmony which is the action of God Alone with no personal participation, therefore no person, therefore no distraction, therefore no stress, therefore perfection, therefore perfect health and healing.

How then is the absence of perfect stillness of consciousness, unmarred by personal preference, not the cause of agitation, which is the cause of desire, stress, deterioration and illness? And how then is peace not the requisite for the reestablishment of harmony? Basic Spiritual teaching is to accept life. Absence of this teaching leads one to reject life, to hate it and try to change it. For example, Islamic pride and separatism is the cause of terrorism and the downfall of its nation.

The Importance of Understanding the Realization Process

Now the reason that genuine realization is deeper and more difficult than simple understanding is this - there are actually three stages of learning and the ego loves the first stage and takes it as the be-all and end-all of learning. So in order to aid you in grasping the actual "Reality" of this concept (which is the point of healing), it is greatly helpful to understand

The Mechanics of Genuine Learning - Learning How to Learn
by understanding the three stages of progress
in the process of knowledge and knowing

Or, The Wisdom Process.

So a little digression...

On "Getting It" - Discovering a New Reality

The Message

My philosophy is this - if you're not getting it ("the Message") then it's possible there is static in your communication system. If you would like the static cleared you must (with clear purpose) call on someone with a clear system to help you locate (identify) the source(s) of your static. By the "Message" I mean the "Reality" of Surrender, not just the concept. I mean the Physical and Perceptual Benefit, which, in order to realize, requires some preliminaries.

Understanding the Learning Process that Leads to Realization

There are three phases to the completion of the learning process, and this is taught, if sought, in most of the world philosophies. In Sanskrit the understanding of this process of comprehension is called Samyama - the power of all(-inclusiveness). In Arabic "Iqan" or Certitude - the Process of Ascertainment - Realization.

Understand that comprehension by definition implies all-including, as in nothing left out, and is therefore not complete until opposites (all oppositions) are included/reconciled, otherwise it is partial comprehension, or partiality.

Pure comprehension, or the completion of the learning process, is called Samadhi (bliss(ful)/absorption/satisfaction), in Arabic Haqq or realization. This genuine comprehension is the root core of happiness and healthy living. It is our innate state, without confusion or even conscious recognition. In Arabic this is expressed as "Islam ad-dinul fitrah", or, "True Surrender is the Way/Debt/Indebtedness of Nature". A full-bodied conscious recognition of this innate state is called Ihsan.

This comprehension is attained as the third and final stage of a three part learning process, however long or short that may be. This finality, or completion of comprehension, is referred to in Sufi terminology as "haqqul yaqin", the realization of certainty, the "got it!"

The Power of Comprehension Resulting
from the Realization Process

It is our Sense Of Separation (SOS) from Essence that Causes Desire and Grief. Notice how I emphasize "Sense". Learning to understand the reality that this separation is impossible is the work of self-education and the first of the three parts of personal healing. The entirety of this work comprises three stages, three developments, three understandings, three realizations - Discovery, Contemplation and Comprehension.

Discovery is the Initial Realization - "Finding out" so to speak, that there IS a science and knowledge leading to comprehension, or that comprehension is even possible. This is equivalent in Sufi terms to "`Ilm ul Yaqin", the Knowledge/Hearing of Realization/Certainty .

Contemplation is The "Work" of Realizing, of making Real that which we wish to comprehend - the process of comprehension. This is equivalent in Sufi terms to "`Ain ul Yaqin", the Envisioning/Seeing of Realization/Certainty.

Comprehension is The Actual Reality of genuine comprehensive realization. This is equivalent in Sufi terms to "Haqq ul Yaqin", Reality/Acquisition of Realization/Certainty. .

Reality is, comes from and leads to God! Yet it Cannot be Described, only Known. And it requires dedication in the form of Study, Practice and Realization - Studying the Knowledge, Practicing the Practice, Realizing the Reality.

In Sanskrit, these are the final three of the eight requirements for the realization of Unity. They are called Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, and the whole process is called Samyama, which means, in a sense, The Power of All - The Power of Inclusion or All-Inclusiveness, The Power and Process of Comprehension. The Study of this process is singularly fascinating in that such a study actually increases intelligence and therefore the powers of the mind to perceive happiness and the fulfillment of true desires. Comprehension is itself a fascinating word in that it includes such meanings as "to grasp", to totally apprehend, to understand way beyond understanding, or understand understanding itself. Comprehension is acquisition, so it includes the powers of attainment. envisionment or true vision, and accomplishment.

Identification, Contemplation, Comprehension
The Three Stages of Realization
`Ilmul Yaqin, `Ainul Yaqin, Haqqul Yaqin
Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi

The first stage of the process of learning/comprehension is to identify or objectify that which you wish to comprehend. This in itself is not always easy because of our thinking, but complicating the procedure is the illusion that we know what it is we want or do not know. Add to that the ego satisfying illusion that discovery, or 'knowing about' is "knowledge of".

True Discovery is in itself difficult, and that's why it is half the battle. Discovery might be compared in Arabic to "`Ilmul Yaqin", or hearing about a knowledge of which you wish to learn more. The Power of the mind used and developed for the accomplishment of this stage is known in Sanskrit as Dharana (concentration, focus, search, contact, discovery, identification), and the accomplishment is achieved by a combination of pure intent, indefatigable search and asking the right questions.
The second stage of realization is focus, concentration, contemplation. This is the stage of actually doing the work necessary to reach complete understanding. It requires the development of a sufficiency of dedication, determination and commitment, and a continued use and development of the Powers of Dharana, focus of attention or concentration. In Sanskrit this contemplative work toward the power of comprehension is called Dhyana - Meditation. It might be likened to `Ainul Yaqin, visioning or visual connection, you "got it in your sights", so to speak. "Not letting go until I get it all". "Working on it".

It is interesting to note that the descriptive and definitive word for the practice of exercising this faculty of mind is also the root of the Chinese "ch`an" (a famous practice and school) which is the source of the Japanese word and practice called Zen. But in English it means meditation - as a means to the goal of Samadhi (release, freedom, comprehension - the purity of mind from which contemplation is effective) and as a goal in itself.

You might notice that the development of each one of these powers of the stages of process requires the use of the entire process - identification, contemplation (thinking it over, so to speak) and comprehension.

And, as I'm sure you have noticed, when your focus of attention, concentration and contemplation upon your chosen studies have done their job and your study has run its course and all the requisites have been met, you are finally rewarded with the satisfaction of complete comprehension, which results in a final satisfaction, called Samadhi, or Bliss.

In Study, it is the stage at which one Knows that one has digested the topic completely, no longer feels ignorant of it in any aspect, and is completely free and ready to move on to the next challenge. This is the equivalent of Haqq ul Yaqin.

In Healing, the completion of this process of self discovery, concentration and comprehension is a totally visceral sensation and the foundation of perfect health. Hence it is referred to as Bliss, and the pathway leading to it "Samadhi Yoga". In Sufi healing it is the completion of our Surrender and of the process of our desired absorption in God. It is not the completion of our absorption, which is now only beginning, but of the process. It is the prerequisite to Iman (trust, learning, knowledge, education and belief with confidence and security). The acquisition of Islam and Iman leads to the understanding of perfection (Ihsan). In the matters of life it is considered to be self-realization and the supreme accomplishment, after which all others become easy.

HOW!? - Contemplate Completion!
The Process of Accomplishment

Ever noticed how "How?" is always the first question asked? Isn't it tiresome? At first blush it seems to be a question of technique, but more deeply it is a quest for means, like "what is the process by which I accomplish this?"

Discovering the process of accomplishment requires first the complete comprehension of what it is you wish to accomplish. Investigation will reveal that complete understanding of a finished product will necessarily reveal the means by which it was accomplished. And it must be obvious by now that we cannot manifest what we don't understand. Isn't that the gist of the "Repeated Lessons" Syndrome?

So if Comprehension is the key to accomplishment, what we really need is to comprehend the Process of Comprehension itself, or "How" do we Comprehend, because, as stated above, in the complete comprehension of an accomplishment is found its means.

This understanding of the Process of Comprehension, its principles, purpose, power and practice, is called in the wisdom teachings of ancient Sanskrit, "SAMYAMA", and it shows the way to the powers of the mind used for manifestation.  It is the true power of the mind, not the imagined one or the desired one.

To project and manifest the future, God willing, is entrusted only to the proven trustworthy. And how is this proven? By the nature, purity and power of the teachings he or she carries. And wherefrom come these teachings? Only from the True Self. Hence the Reality, Beauty and Power of Self-Realization.

So the first step in the process of accomplishment is a complete understanding of what you wish to accomplish. And - I now tell you - the first step for that comprehension is understanding WHY you want to accomplish it. If your motivation is not pure, it is not coming from your whole heart, and will not be wholly accomplished. (For more on this read "Soul Power and The Power of the Silent NO!" Appended)

So in accordance with the Buddhist principle of the Half Step Backwards, we check ourselves and ask - Why? What is my goal, my motivation for wanting to accomplish this? We must investigate our motivations because if the intention is sound the motivation will be pure and the outcome guaranteed and inevitable. And if not, then not.

So we apply the "principles of process" to accomplish a process the accomplishment of which will reveal the means to the accomplishment of what we wish to accomplish.

That's the answer to the question of "How?" It is also the Process of "Think and Grow Rich". (But in Sanskrit).