The World is not an Unenlightened Place
"No miracle is now withheld from anyone."

Do you not see that the world is changing faster than we can keep up with it? Do you not believe that we should be in the forefront of change? Listen to me. The World is not an unenlightened place, nor are the people in it. In this world we see ourselves inhabiting there have been and still are, individuals and civilizations of great wealth, prosperity and high degrees of education. These people were and are not unaware; they simply do not see an example worth contributing to. It is we who are not living up to the standards set long before us. These standards include and base themselves on generosity to the poor and impoverished.

In the olden days, the benevolent caliphs were loved and supported by the people because they loved and supported the people. The previous Islamic civilizations were based on the principles of the baitul-mal, the house of wealth, from where the needs of everyone could be met. Nobody, not traveler, not foreigner, not the poor nor the needy, went without his needs being inquired into and met. How far away from that are we, who see only our own needs? It is generosity of spirit that God rewards. Until the poorest among us is rich in sufficiency from God, we will still be the poorest of the poor for lack of the generosity and the means to help our fellow man.