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How to Satisfy your Desire
Through Trust and Knowledge of God
(and be rich in the process)
Because You Are what You're Looking For.

O Satisfier, O Grantor of Desires. Grant me the means to satisfy all desire,
and the abundance of that means to share with all who still desire.

"God is the Satisfier of Desire, the Provider of Means."
"A Solid and Confirmed Inner Connection is the Key to Every Success."

Contemplate the emptiness, not what you believe will fill it.

If you concentrate on the "object" of desire, you simply project and objectify, a function of the left brain which thinks in terms of objectivity and linearity, automatically focusing on a projected object, the "project", or the "goal", imagining or believing it to be the solution to the problem. However the attainment of the projected "object" will fulfill only the desire for it and not the emptiness from which sprang the desire itself.

But if you stay in the emptiness of the need, which can only be accomplished by contemplating the emptiness, it will be filled for you. This is proven in the leading edge work on Spiritual Healing and the Psychology of Spiritual Fulfillment, as exemplified by the work of A. H. Almaas described in his book called "Essence". (The Sufis have said, "All you need is need itself", and the "fuqara", followers of the Sufi path, refer to themselves to a person as "the needy".)

Contemplating the emptiness is an important work, essential to true self-fulfillment and not easily learned alone. Those who have mastered it are well worthy of their pay for the work of passing the discipline of its secret to the willing and needy students. They should be well supported by those learners who can afford it because of their willingness to teach those who cannot.

How to satisfy your desire for money without money

Learning how to satisfy your desire without money will bring you all the money you need, for it is the knowledge of how to satisfy desire that the people really need, and it's satisfaction that desire itself desires. The "need" for money is a projection of this desire for satisfaction, and without the genuine article it will be only a temporary distraction. This is the secret Power of Contentment as known by the needy and rich in God. Contentment with emptiness fulfills.

Understand that desire begins with the feeling of emptiness. We then naturally look around outside of ourselves to see what others have (i.e. money, love, education, wisdom) that we feel missing in our lives, attributing to it the source of their happiness and contentment. This is the initial error in judgment of God that spins us out into the wheel of Maya and illusion that will not let us go until we are dizzy, sick and exhausted from the "search" for spiritual happiness through material means.

Yet it is the other way around. We become materially wealthy through contentment with what is, and this always entails, in the beginning, a deliberate nothing, the ability to detach completely from the material realm. In some cases, we may even lose everything we have ever had in order to reach the all-important point of true realization from which we may begin our quest for meaningful substance. This is referred to biblically as the building of your castle on the rock of heaven rather than in the sand in illusion.

So the question to you is,
"are we going to do this thing, or not?"

The difference between consecutive and concurrent thinking

From the point of view of left brain linear, or consecutive, thinking, right brain concurrence can only be seen as chaos. Hence the "chaos" theory, which is a "theory" attempting to explain the unimaginable, what the "mind" cannot grasp - that there is no chaos, that everything is in order, all running concurrently - i.e. God. Only the vastly under-relied-upon right brain has the capability of truly realizing this, but it is perception-based feeling rather thought-based, linear/ logical thinking; so as long as the mind is under the influence of the left brained, action-oriented, sympathetic/ responsive nervous system, which it is most of the time because we're so trained, that will predominate and the right brained more "feminine, peaceful, contemplative, "heart-oriented, God-realized, passive, parasympathetic system will not be able to operate in full swing, enabling the faculty of total comprehension, or enlightenment. No enlightenment translates as chaos - in need of control.

Calming the reactive nervous system is the work of all the king's horsemen and all the king's men, but no one seems to be able to put humpty dumpty back together again. We're just a bunch of magic makers with no real solutions at all. And that is simply because from within that viewpoint it is as inconceivable to contemplate the possibility of bypassing it altogether as it is to imagine suicide as a means to a better life (in this world). It's all there is. It's the best the mind has to offer. It's the hopeless viewpoint from which the only alternative to control is chaos. Concurrent thinking is unimaginable from that place in the mind, as is the possibility of another place. A trained and fearful addiction to linear thinking limits possibility even while searching for it.

Concurrent thinking cannot really be imagined, only experienced. The imagination is a product of the realistic, linear thinking mind. Imagination is itself an imagination. We only imagine that we imagine, like we intuit that we intuit. There's no scientific basis for imagination or intuition, it just is. It is by its very definition, that which is outside of linear projection, but defined from within it. However, the "experience" of it (concurrent thinking) is by the nature of its very reality the dropping of all vestiges of the trained linear thinking mind, a daunting challenge even if willingly taken on, which is extremely rarely the case.  No one (in their "right" mind) wants to lose anything, and especially all the training into which we've vested so much time, money, goal orientation and material interest. Herein lies the enigma of the biblical and true spiritual teaching that in order to gain everything we must lose everything and that who seeks to save himself loses himself and who loses himself saves himself.

Teach the People

What's more, you cannot do it alone. So it flies in the face of the staunchly determined self reliance of left brain ego-oriented thinking. It absolutely requires a teacher. It requires the presence of someone who has learned it and stepped outside of the trap, because that's the very nature of a trap, there's no way out unless you are released by someone else. (There's a whole sociological phenomenon behind this piece that has to do with a necessary spiritual reordering and restructuring of society for the benefit and evolution of humanity, but we'll touch on that in another discourse, God willing.)

Even more, every teacher has one, and in the end, all the teachers and teaching link to the spiritual masters of all humanity. So we all have God to thank for the guidance we seek out of the trap of our own isolated and limited existence and into the reality of the God-realized who are the truly successful in this world and the next. And herein lies the reformation of religion, that is so long overdue and which has been so well started in Christianity by New Thought.

Take for example the potential of a cancer clearing workshop.
How about Healing Children through Healing Parents, or
How Being Rich in God can make you a Millionaire
Learning how to learn - The Process of Accomplishment
Intentional and Surrogate Healing, How to Find Fulfillment in Life

All of these things appear to be important manifestations of good living and their absence seems to be a cause of pain and suffering. I would call these things "the needs of the people", wouldn't you?

All of them are gained, and more, by supporting and keeping company with the God-realized.

It's not for these "things" that we love God, we love God for God. It's just that these "things" are the byproducts of the love of God, and the natural gifts He bestows from His kindness and generosity. They are not to be used for strictly selfish purposes, a certain percentage needing to be dedicated to the poor and needy, but self-deprivation cripples our ability to help ourselves and our families and serve our communities and our society and our world. So let's make some money teaching the people what they need to know in order to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

Release from the trap

Release from the trap requires two acceptances, one that it is a trap, and two, much more difficult and requiring help, that you are not actually in it.