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The Concept of "Vacation for Life"
"Little by little, this work will turn into exactly what it is focusing upon."

Comparing Concepts of Life and Death

Death means the end of life as we know it. Yet we are assured by all prophets, religions and spiritual teachings, that there is no death, and that life is eternal and everlasting. These selfsame teachings instruct us that we are created with the freedom of choice as to how and where we will live out our lives, and that that choice always begins now, in the present moment. If we have made a wrong choice, we can choose yet again. If we are dissatisfied with our choices before that have led us to where we find ourselves in the moment, we can now choose yet again, and make a wiser choice.

The choice is ours - always has been and always will be. And it's a simple either/or choice. By that I mean we can choose one thing or the other and in a sense, we have a lifetime to make up our minds. But I mean that only in the sense that even though it is possible at anytime to change our minds, it is considerably more difficult to change the course of the habits which we've formed in our hearts. So in that respect the sooner we taste the consequences of wrong choices, the better, because it is beneficial for us in our later years to be able to rely upon proven good habits that were developed strongly in our earlier years.

Hence the promise that heaven and hell are eternal, so long as God wills. It is hoped that there will come a time when hell will no longer be necessary, but until that time when man has learned to live the heavenly life without the threat and consequence of punishment, it will be there, inviting to its flames all who consider themselves unworthy of accepting the invitation of God to live in the holy gardens he has created for those who believe.

Hence the real battle of life is the battle of faith and belief in God over the fear that causes unbelief, rejection and cruelty, and on that note we can begin a spiritual investigation into healing the roots of fear and where it came from in the first place, and what is the purpose of the life of this world.

Born into a world relatively uncivilized as yet, man is faced with an unfortunate but not insurmountable challenge of self preservation, of survival. And even though many may fail, by God's decree, it is also true that most succeed, in some fashion or another. The difficulty of the human habit-forming faculty is that it is easy to continue to live by the old survive-or-die habits of suspicion, competitive selfishness and greed even when they are no longer remotely necessary. In other words, the transformation of the survival-oriented, suspicious and commanding self into a relaxed generous and trusting self is not so easy, especially when there are so few examples around to make it seem like a desirable move. However, love plays a strong hand in the game of life and we learn it even if it was not taught us or made available in our early years.

Love is the means and the desire of self-transformation. We simply cannot get enough of it, and especially if we choose to remain hard-headed, selfish, and unsharing of ourselves. No matter how much we may believe that the tough-guy approach is the only right way to live life, we are consistently confronted with the realization that it doesn't work very well as a means for receiving love. Something's gotta give if we want to have what we really want. Otherwise we're always stuck with second best, and money is no substitute for love.

Now what happens if the heart does not get enough love is that it dies. And when the heart dies, the body goes too, and with it all your dreams, desires, hopes, fancies and aspirations - in a word, your life, as you now know it, is over.

Many of us wish for that. Is it not true? If not for you, can you not at least recognize or imagine that it might, even must, be so for someone you know?

Even more disheartening is the fact that the wish for death is in most cases not even recognized, but camouflaged by the simple and "innocent" expectancy of it.

If we are living lives that look forward to death, even at some far off distant time, and even in the most practical sense that we all know of as "everyone goes sometime", then we are not really looking at life at all. We are creating and living in a life based on a certain amount of time to get What? done. Your "limited" life, as you see it and envision it, is referred to in Sufi terminology as "Dunya", or darkness. Dunya is not the world "out there". It is the same world "in here".

Why are all of the established good things on the earth either established by or dedicated to the memory of some person? Leland Stanford founded Stanford University. How many universities and churches are dedicated to the religious and believing individuals who founded them? Is it not plain to see that belief in God, in one form or another, is the basis for lasting achievement and eternal memory? Has anyone forgotten Abraham Lincoln?

Now how many of the great villains do we hold with gratitude and love in our hearts. Is not the fate of the evil-doer infamy and rejection? Which of the signs of our Lord would we deny? Can we reasonably expect to live in Heaven if we do not even believe in it? And is that not the signature of all religious teachings, to believe in God, Heaven and Hell? Are these even more signs to deny? No, by God, I shall not deny them - quite the contrary. I shall affirm them from the practical experience of my life that I have lived fully and richly among you - that God is True, that Heaven and hell are true, that the messages of the prophets and saints are true, and that if we live by them we will live good lives in love and in safety except as God wills, and that we will create good things for those who follow us and live forever blessed in the memory of God and men.

Do you see now, by these examples, a comparison in concepts of "Life"? There is a life in the dunya of one's own inherited perception of self and life, which includes all of its ups and owns, goods and bads, pleasures and pains, and eventually ends in death and hopefully going to heaven, and there is yet another choice, where we live after we have surrendered our life and our death and our prayers and our sacrifices to the absolute Oneness of God, letting Him do with  as He pleases, and then following the guidances that come from Him to your heart, for He is all there is, living your life as a free, educated, ecstatic and responsible slave to His Unity. Do you see the difference between seeking for guidance and actually receiving it - between seeking and finding, between wanting and having?

This is the rock upon which to build your lives. Not the shifting sands of your desires and hopes and expectations and fears. Live your lives in truth, not in the hope of freedom from illusion. And it is in this world, the world of God that I invite you to vacation for life.

And this reality is free for all who would have it. It requires only a shift in your heart to know it and a little work on ridding your heart of the influences that would adversely affect it, and a willingness, even if of necessity, to live you life freely in the service of God. This is my definition of healing. This is my definition of Life.

Facilitating Transformation

Facilitating Transformation requires knowing whereof one speaks, and that's the true beauty of it, because even speaking of it and especially helping others to discover it, forces us to rely on our own experience of it, which increases it! So we are, in a sense, teaching what we are learning and need to learn more of for ourselves, or teaching what we want, and thereby creating our own future.

And Wow! Is that ever a Joy! Even considering it, that that is what I'm actually doing, makes me feel not only like a million, but truly empowered and in control of my life once again, by virtue of exercising my God given freedom to choose my way of life in a world that not only allows us to do that but encourages and facilitates it. That's MY vacation for life.

"Little by little, this work will turn into exactly what it is focusing upon."

Now I can literally think and grow rich. But it's never worked like that for me before. So that suggests that a certain kind of inner work needs to be done before the transformative effects can actually take place, materialize, manifest. That's what I'm doing. I'm transforming peoples lives into vacations of joy and happiness in the real world of God. And I invite everyone to join me. Come live the good life in the God that you are. What attribute of our Creator do we not carry, we who were created to be His image? Which of the blessings of our Lord would we deny?

Life in Reality

To me, Vacation for Life means to live the Real Life in the Truth and Reality (of our own existence), which from a previous point of view appeared to be only a useless or hard won dream. It means to live in the Eternity of God that God created for us to live in. To be free of the fear of death and disease, war and famine, and to live aggressively in helping others to help others to live aggressively in the Peace of God. With Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are holy documents of man. They stand for the freedoms, rights and society for which men aspire. It is our duty to God, ourselves,
our fellow men and humanity, our nation and all nations and the world we live in to live by these principles of divine human freedom; and to help others to understand and live by them too will only increase their power and influence, and nothing but good will come from a life lived in that light.

Vacation for Life does not mean avoiding responsibilities but to accept them in a joyous free and capable manner. It means attaining a life of leisure but using it in an active,  constructive and benevolent fashion.

Vacation for Life also refers to the case that is so true for so many of us - that if we do not lay down the enslaving work ethic that is killing us or our loved ones we (or they) will certainly and gratefully die of some ailment of the body caused by the excessive physical, mental or emotional stress accrued. So in that sense, we MUST Vacation for Life, it's the only viable option to spending the rest of it in a hospital.