"Seek the needs of the people." ~ Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal
"Income is created by providing a regular supply for an increasing demand."
"The ever-increasing demand is for self-knowledge."
"We get Rich by Being Rich, so Know Yourself and Be Rich."
"We Live in a Natural, Holy and Divine Kingdom of Abundance."
"Overcoming karmic fear is paramount to self realization."
"The need of Islam is found in the acceptance, not conquest, of others." (note)
"Conquer yourself, and all else shall be added unto you."
"Money and Faith are like your first two fingers, inseparable."
"Compulsory giving creates poverty as a defense."
"The only thing that sends people to hell is their inability to stop themselves." (note)
The job of the doctor is to put himself out of business."
"Conflict of interest is when you can't tell people they don't need what you have."
"Healing is a matter of individuation and education." (Abidance)
The Secret of Secrets