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Done with Healing, Time for Education

Let's get something straight between us.

1. Nothing heals better or faster than Dhikrullah under the guidance of a master. Dhikrullah is the formulaic and repetitive remembrance practices that the Sufis offer as their pathway "to" God from out of the morass of the seas of unity into the joys of productive, educating community.

2. The focal point of the communion of souls is the central teacher and/or his or her educated and responsible representatives. "Teacher, Teaching and Community of students" (Sanskrit: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) is the fundamental principle of truth and reality.

3. The only reason a person comes to learn from a teacher is to gain mastery of the practices that lead to self fulfillment in God. Natural joy will ensure the life, longevity and perpetuity of the teachings. Mastery of knowledge is secondary. These teachings (of the practice) and their reality are embodied in the hearts of them who carry them and can only be referred to in writing or by talking about them.

4. To begin the process of being truly healed in the Sufi way one needs only to be seen by the master. He sees you until you see yourself. This starts instantly but continues forever.

Q. Is healing enough?

A. If it is defined as the joyous and healthy communion that leads to a genuine desire to share the means of attainment, then I'd say yes. But after healing comes education. The difficulty is that people both mistake knowledge for healing and pass off knowledge as the means to heal. Knowledge is not the means to heal, communion is. And practice leads to communion. Knowledge can be beneficial to the healing process if learned and used as something to do while one is getting well - educating the mind concurrently with educating the body. But if it is confused with or substituted for genuine and practical communion, then the "student/teacher" relationship is established and genuine communion is broken. The 'student' of such a teacher will be misled by the quest for power in knowledge from the reality of surrender and the true healing.

This substitution is a typical diversionary practice often done by professional teachers who are afraid to feel themselves fully and therefore substitute learning, education and information for the true healing of themselves and their students. They pass on their own blocks and resistances as healing when in reality it is only a mindset, an attitude or a frame of mind. There are many "professional" teachers of knowledge, even of medicine and healing, who are dying themselves for overload and overvalue of knowledge as real healing.

This distinction is important and well known. Healing IS feeling. If you do not FEEL well you are not well no matter how positive you may think. Dealing with negativity, and particularly negative feelings, is important not in terms of needing to get rid of it in order to BE well and succeed, but in terms of it is our truth and true feeling no matter how much we may prefer to deny it. Recognition of truth changes it, not denial and force. Give up the denial and the real knowing and the real recognition of the truth becomes liberating, and liberation provides the freedom to change.

For a beautiful opportunity to experience the reality of this lesson, I invite you to attend to the Zawiyya experience and to learn more about the beauties of life in the Sufi way, inquire into to classes, workshops and educational courses.

Thanks for listening and Namasté.  

The quest for power or escape is the mind's response to not wanting to feel pain or emotions. And Dhikrullah is God's answer to that quest. Starting with astaghfirullah 100 times, we then bless the prophet and his family 100 times and then chant lailaha illallah endlessly until the joy of life returns. "Fa Dhikrullahi, huwa shifa`u" - for Dhikrullah is the healing.

Astaghfirullah is for you, so that you will know in the root of your being exactly what you are doing. You are seeking the forgiveness of the divine and holy because of all that you have done that has caused you to feel the pain of separation. This is so you will know this and feel the changing effect of doing it from not having done it. "I am seeking the forgiveness of God", is the message we are telling ourselves with this repetition. And it should be repeated until received, but at least 100 times to be sure.

Then we send blessing on the holy prophet and his family.  "Allahumma, salli `ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalihi wa sallim" and this is to heal the wounds of separation from humanity; the relationship of our souls to other souls. We can all come together and learn how to relate to one another around this.

Then lailaha illallah 100 times. Repeat the entire process until joyous and blissful. Don't stop until you have reached your goal. Then don't stop.